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How One Yoga Studio Increased Reach on Facebook by 423%


Although CorePower Yoga is a national brand, that doesn’t mean that they don’t face challenges with getting results on social media. We sat down with Rebecca Baack, of CorePower Yoga in Broomfield, CO, to learn how she used Sweat Angels by Causely to increase reach on Facebook for her studio by 423%.

Challenge: Struggling to Increase Reach on Facebook

“As a CorePower Yoga franchisee, we have national advertising taken care of for us. Our parent brand spends a significant amount on online and offline advertising campaigns. However, social media traction, especially for our local market, is another matter entirely,” Rebecca told us.

In an effort to promote her own studio, Rebecca tried several traditional tactics. She sponsored fitness competitions, partnered with other local businesses, and even gave away free yoga classes to members of other gyms. Still, her efforts didn’t have much effect on growth.

Solution: An Encounter With Sweat Angels

Rebecca heard about Sweat Angels at a CrossFit location that had recently opened nearby. Sweat Angels was the only marketing tactic that this CrossFit undertook, yet it had a dramatic effect on the gym’s growth and member engagement. Encouraged by the results she saw, Rebecca decided to give Sweat Angels a try at her own yoga studio.

Sweat Angels quickly gave Rebecca’s business a boost in social media presence. How? With Sweat Angels, Rebecca was able to tell her members that they could support a great cause, for free, just by checking in on Facebook after class. Because Facebook check-ins are typically seen by at least 200 friends of a member, they’re a great way for a business owner like Rebecca to generate new referrals.

Result: A Marketing Program That Members Love

While Rebecca’s yoga studio got a few Facebook check-ins each month before Sweat Angels, she saw a huge increase once she joined the program. She now enjoys a 423% increase in Facebook visibility – going from an average of just 13,522 Facebook impressions from check-ins in June 2014, to 57,228 in February 2015.

423% increase in Facebook visibility with Sweat Angels

“While we had a Facebook page already, Sweat Angels has increased our Likes and our check-ins, which improves our visibility,” Rebecca explains. “I like it because it’s so easy. I know it’s working because I’m Facebook friends with some of my students and I look at the comments they add to their check-ins. It’s not only an easy way to get some additional marketing for a low amount of work on my part, but it’s also a feel-good program.”

Facebook post at CorePower Yoga

Making Sweat Angels a Part of Every Class

Rebecca’s studio is a big operation with 30 staff members. Rebecca made sure to get her staff on board with the program and encourages them to set the example for her members by checking-in.

“People check in as a prompt from me. Now I tell people to tag the studio so that we can donate to charity. This includes my own staff. They check in more because of the charity,” Rebecca told us.

In Rebecca’s mind, Sweat Angels is a perfect fit for her studio, “Our students feel happy by being able to support these great causes when they check in. That’s something traditional marketing, like posting an ad in a magazine, would never get us. Sweat Angels is super easy to use – I basically turn it on and it works on its own. I don’t have to do any paperwork or administrative work!”

Still Seeing Results A Year Later

Fast-forward a year and Rebecca’s studio is still going strong with Sweat Angels.

Swaet Angels is super easy to use

In the end, Sweat Angels has not only been a great way for Rebecca’s studio to increase Facebook visibility, but it’s also given her members a better experience as well. “I’ve heard more from my staff that members really like it because we’re not pushing people to check-in. We’re doing it in a different manner. I can say, ‘In exchange for checking in on Facebook, I’m going to donate on your behalf!’”

Since Rebecca’s studio signed up, 19 other CorePower Yoga locations around the country have joined Sweat Angels. For them, using Sweat Angels is just a part of running a successful yoga studio.