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How One Business Stands Out In a Crowded Market


Many business owners wonder how to make their business stand out in a crowded market. Should they add new programs or products? Move to a better location? The answer isn't always obvious. But one business owner we know found the answer. His success is so exciting that we want to share his story.

Like most cities, Peachtree Corners, GA has plenty of gyms to choose from. With the local YMCA, those 24-hour gyms, and countless fitness studios, gym owners in the area must constantly advertise just to keep the doors open. Samir Panjwani, owner of Orangetheory Fitness Peachtree Corners, thought he had had no choice but to market his gym the same way.

Weak Results With Traditional Advertising

To generate interest in his fitness business, Samir tried posting on Facebook, running Google AdWords campaigns, and sending direct mail. “Doing these things worked well enough, but they were just the same things all the other gyms were doing,” Samir said. Traditional advertising wasn't enough to differentiate Orangetheory Peachtree Corners from all the other fitness businesses in the area.


Fortunately, Samir learned about Causely and quickly knew it was the answer. Why? Causely helps Samir get more exposure by encouraging his members to check-in on Facebook. With Causely, every Facebook check-in at Samir's gym generates a donation to a great cause. And because Facebook check-ins are typically seen by about 200 friends of a member (Tweet This Now), they're the perfect way to generate interest in Samir's gym. After talking to the Causely team, Samir signed his gym up, and the check-ins started to pour in.

Welcoming a Positive Culture Change

Before Causely, we tried to get our members to check in on Facebook. It didn’t work because they weren’t motivated to do it,” Samir explained. “Now our members are proud to post about working out. Some of them check in every single day because they love giving to a good cause each time they do it. It’s not about what you and your friends think about check-ins anymore, it’s about a much bigger cause.”


Samir was excited about the check-ins and member engagement with the program, but he was amazed to see that Causely changed his gym’s culture, too. “We changed our culture with Causely. It’s no longer about just coming to the gym to make a personal difference. It’s now about making a difference in the world too,” he explained.

Standing Out From the Competition

With Causely, Orangetheory Peachtree Corners averages nearly 500 check-ins a month. Since each check-in is seen by hundreds of friends, it didn't take long for word of Samir’s gym to get around. Soon people began to see Orangetheory Peachtree Corners as a better type of gym.

“Causely makes you stand out as a business that cares about the world and helping others, not one that just cares about making money.” Samir said. “It gives you exposure in light of a good cause, which sets you apart from the other gyms in your area.” People like to shop when there’s a benefit to a cause, and they prefer gyms that make a difference in the same way.


“Causely is so much better than traditional advertising,” Samir told us. “Our positive reputation attracts more members – at a lower cost  than any type of advertising we’ve done before. With traditional advertising, you’re fighting other gyms for leads. With Causely, you’re welcoming new members, helping them achieve their fitness goals, and changing the world at the same time.” 

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