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How Iron Tribe’s Charitable Mentality Sets Them Apart


When Erin came to Iron Tribe – Louisville, it was their values that drew her in. “We’re about helping people become the best versions of themselves,” she said. “We support each other and the entire community.” That’s why Causely’s Sweat Angels was a perfect fit for helping get the word out about the gym by giving back to the community. 

The Need For Time and Better Marketing

Like most businesses, Iron Tribe was swamped. “The problem is that between coaching, running the gym, and marketing it, it’s hard to find  time to do a whole lot of other activities to promote what we do,” said Erin.

When Erin learned about Causely through another gym, she did her research. She found out that with Causely, she could support great causes and build great brand awareness for the gym through the power of Facebook check-ins. Every time one of her members checks in on Facebook at the gym, Causely donates to a monthly cause.

But a Causely membership doesn’t end there. It also provides all the marketing tools needed to encourage people to check-in: done-for-you emails, fresh Facebook content, videos, and printed material. Everything Erin needs straight to her inbox every month.

Causely has helped us get the word out about the gym, especially online,” Erin said. “All of our members are on Facebook anyway, so it works.” Since signing up, they have seen amazing results with their Facebook check-ins, impressions, donations and general visibility.


Iron Tribe’s Focus on Giving Together

Besides Iron Tribe’s success with increased Facebook visibility, they have also taken Causely’s mission a step further by making charitable giving the focal point of their community. 

As a local tie-in for Causely’s August partnership with buildOn, Iron Tribe hosted a back-to-school drive. Through their connection with a local school, they discovered a family in crisis. A mother and her four children were dealing with the tragic death of their father. When the team at Iron Tribe heard of their hardships, they got straight to work. 

Over the course of several weeks, Erin and her team encouraged their members to support the local family by gathering back-to-school needs. Together, they provided the family with gift cards, back-to-school clothing, shoes, and school supplies.

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In addition to the local tie-in, Iron Tribe members continued to check-in for the monthly cause and contributed bricks to build a school in a developing nation! “Our members love checking in with Causely. Even when we focus on supporting local charities, they generously support both,” said Erin.

Spreading the Sweat Angels Mission

Since starting Causely, Erin has referred three other Iron Tribe gyms to the program. She’s hoping that the momentum catches on and more Iron Tribe locations realize what a great tool causely can be to help build the gym and bring communitities together.

“We pride ourselves on helping everyone to become the best version of themselves, including people outside of our community,” said Erin. “If you’re a gym, or any kind of business, you have no reason not to give the program a try. You have nothing to lose. Giving back brings your community together. You have so much to gain with the program.”