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How a Strong Community Helps This Gym Get New Members (and Keeps Them Coming Back)


“People can go anywhere to work out,” said Stephanie from The Grind Shop in Cincinnati. “What hooks people to a specific gym is a good experience and a sense of community. Causely creates both those hooks.”

Stephanie came to The Grind Shop as a member four years ago. Now she coaches and runs all community events for the gym. In her new role, she’s always looking for ways to get the local community involved as well as build a strong sense of community with current members. Her goal is to get new people to the gym and then keep them.

The Power of Online Recommendations

Stephanie heard of Causely from other gyms in the fitness world, but it wasn’t until she saw a friend checking in on Facebook at her gym and supporting charity that she understood the value of Causely. Thousands of people were seeing the same check-in with the gym’s brand attached.

“When I saw my friend checking in at the gym, at a restaurant, and then at her dentist, all Causely locations, it really clicked for me. Causely works for businesses because it harnesses the power of online recommendations,” Stephanie said. Her friend’s check-ins were the best form of a recommondation.

Online Recommondations

After researching the program, Stephanie learned how with Causely every Facebook check-in and every location tag on Instagram supports a great cause. It was a great way to engage followers on two of the world’s largest social networks.

But that wasn’t all. Causely not only connects businesses to charities, but also tracks brand engagement through impressions, Facebook check ins, and Instagram location tags. An all-in-one marketing and charitable giving program.

Stephanie showed the program to the owner of Grind Shop. And they joined Causely that day.

Increased Reach on Social Media

Since starting Causely, The Grind Shop has seen 60,000+ impressions per month just from people checking in on Facebook. That’s 60,000 people seeing how their friends are connected to the Grind Shop.


We have had at least 10-15 people come to our gym recently because of Causely. For our size gym, that’s a lot,” said Stephanie. Member’s recommendations online has helped grow the gym significantly. And it all happens through people sharing their experience at the Grind Shop.

Grow Your Gym

Giving Back Enhances The Grind Shop’s Community

Growth in online presence is just one of the benefits of Causely. The Grind Shop community thrives on giving back. Back in September when Causely partnered with the Rescue Bank, Stephanie started a challenge at the gym. If people checked-in 200 times that month, she and the other coaches promised to eat a spoonful of dog food! Fortunately (or, unfortunately for the coaches 😂) they hit their goal and went live on Facebook to eat the dog food!

“Since doing that challenge, we’ve consistently hit 200+ check-ins a month. That’s the equivalent of at least 40,000 people seeing information about The Grind Shop,” said Stephanie.

Build community at your gym

The Grind Shop community loves being able to give back while working out. “Causely makes my members feel they are a part of something. And it’s so much bigger than just checking in on Facebook. It’s people doing good and creating a better world,” said Stephanie. “The program is free for them and brings people together. That’s priceless.”

Advice for Gym’s Looking for a New Way to Reach People

Stephanie’s advice for any gym looking for a new way to get members and keep members is, “Don’t hesitate about Causely. It is one of the best things we’ve done in the last four years. Causely is a great experience for gym members and it gives people something to look forward to. It’ expands your network. All those check-ins lead to other people.”