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3 Successful Ideas To Build Your Brand on Instagram


So you’ve got an Instagram account for your business and it looks like this...


You’re probably considering deleting your account because you have no idea what to post. You’re not alone. This was our first Instagram post in 2014. It got 4 likes. 


Don’t worry, your Instagram won’t always look like that. In fact, after reading this blog post, you’ll have so many ideas you won’t know what to do with them all.

The Power of Visual Storytelling

Instagram is the avenue of visual storytelling for your business. We talked about the value of visuals in a previous blog post. Visuals are key. The trick is putting yourself in your followers shoes to figure out what they want to see about your brand. Thankfully, the recent addition of Instagram Insights helps track engagement so that you know what your followers like best. 

Some brands have a harder time figuring out what to post. For some, it's a little more obvious. If you’re a restaurant, an easy option would be posting staged photos of your most famous dishes. If you’re a gym, you might post a photo or video of someone killin’ it with pull ups. If you’re a salon, you might post a photo of someone’s new haircut. 

The great thing about Instagram is that you can post whatever you want (truly). But if you’re interested in driving sales and building awareness about your product, here are a few things to consider.

1. Focus On Your Customers

Showing your product in action with real people is the best way to drive sales and build your brand. It’s basically a testimonial for your business. With any post you make, ask yourself these questions:

  1. How does this benefit my followers?
  2. Is this relevant to my followers?
  3. Does this add any value to my customers or to the product?

(hint: If the answer is no to all of these questions, you might not want to post.)  

By keeping your focus on your customers, the answers to those questions will always be "yes." Discount outdoor store, Moosejaw, does a great job focusing on customers using their products:


2. Spotlight Your Culture

Instagram can help you build your brand by giving your customers a “behind the scenes” view of your business. Who doesn't like being the VIP? Show your customers that you’re more than just a business, you are human. No one wants to follow a brand without real faces behind it. 


Post photos of your staff working together on projects, having fun, volunteering, etc. You can even post employee highlights like employee of the month or welcoming new employees to the company. Show your staff going above and beyond at work. The options for this are limitless! At Causely, we like to show off our quirky side...


If your company wins an award, post it. If your company does a work culture event/outing, post it. If you host an event, post it. Whatever your company does day-to-day that your customers don’t get to see, post it.

Make your followers feel like they have VIP access to your culture. Here’s a couple other brands that do a good job showing workplace culture:

3. Showcase Your Product

Cough. Obvious. Cough. If you have a tangible product, for heaven’s sake, post it! Just don’t go crazy. Balance out posts about your product with culture, customers, etc. Get creative. Don’t just go for the dramatic lighting on a table with a black cloth.

Maybe take your product on a field trip around town and take shots of it on the park bench or sitting on a bus (or don't). Whatever you do, just stay true and relevant to your brand. If it makes sense to put your product on a park bench, do it. Rogue Ales does this well. 


Just remember to have fun showcasing your product! If you have fun, your followers will have fun too. Here are some brands to follow for ideas on how to get creative with your product:

These are just a few options of what you can post on Instagram. There's no end to what you can post. The most important thing to remember is that Instagram is a creative space for your brand. So get creative and have fun! 

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