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Bros or Chicks...Who Should You Target on Facebook?


To be heard on Facebook, you'll have to don the superhero cape in your closet and twirl a sign on the side of the road.  Kidding! (but we hope you wear your cape more often).

Seriously though, to be heard, you have to know whom you’re talking to. While it would be great to know every detail about your audience, you’d be surprised how many gym owners overlook one of the basics: gender.

In this blog post, we’ll show you how to use Facebook Insights to discover whether men or women are more engaged with your Facebook page. With this new information, you’ll be able to better tailor your message and increase engagement with your brand.

The Basic Question of Gender

We all joke about the differences between men and women. But the communication struggle is real. Different genders have different preferences, especially within social networking. This means your messaging on Facebook might need to change based on the gender of your followers. 

Studies show that men generally use social networks as a tool for gathering information, whereas women use social networks as relational outlets. In fact, women typically have 55% more posts on their walls than men and have 8% more Facebook friends.


This means that if your audience is primarily women, you might consider posting highly relational content that can be shared. If your audience is primarily men, you might post more informational content. What you say to your bros probably won't go over well with your female followers.

Of course, we need to be wary of falling in the stereotype trap. Focusing on more relational content doesn't mean ONLY posting relational content. You need a solid mix of content, prioritized by who is most engaged. 

POP QUIZ: Who plays more Facebook games? Men? WRONG. 69% of Facebook gamers are women.

Now that you understand the importance of audience gender, we can show you how to track gender engagement with Facebook Insights. 

Facebook Insights Make Gender Information Oh-So-Easy to Find

Here's how to access Facebook Insights: 

  1. Log in as an Admin to your Facebook Page
  2. Click on the Insights tab at the top of the page
  3. Start with the Overview tab.


This screen will show you a number of things, but for now, take a look at the top left box labeled "People." It tells you the time period you're currently tracking, your largest audience and the most common viewing device. Based on the information shown here, we're not surprised the largest audience is women on mobile devices because 69% of Internet users using a mobile device are women, while 54% are men. 


Your Fans

Next, If you click on the "People" box, a new screen opens up to show you a detailed break down of "Your Fans." It shows the percentage of women vs. men who like your Facebook page. AND their ages. AND their location/language. 


People Reached

The "People Reached" tab shows a mixture of Your Fans (who like your page) and people who have viewed your page/specific post, still with the gender breakdown. Notice the increased numbers in the location/language columns. 


People Engaged

The last tab, "People Engaged," is probably the most important tab if you are discerning which type of content to push. Like the previous screen, this screen compares people who have liked your page with people who have engaged with posts (by engage, we mean, liked, commented and/or shared). These are the people you cater to. Produce more of whatever they like. 


Of course, you can always look at this on the flip side. Rather than producing content driven to your largest audience, try producing more content for your smaller audience in order to grow it. Just be prepared if you lose followers. We only recommend this tactic to businesses with a strong following. If your following is minuscule, stick to pleasing your largest audience. 

If you're interested in other social networking stats, here's a great infographic on men vs. women on social sites. 


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