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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Causely


We totally geek out about what we do. So, here’s a list of questions we’d want to ask us if we were you. What we do is pretty innovative and new, and we tend to stutter when we talk about it (cause we get too excited). Hopefully, this post answers all your questions and dreams about us.

Q: Why does Causely exist?

A: We exist to help more people experience the joy of doing good.

Q: What is Causely? 

A: Causely helps business owners grow their businesses by doing good. It all happens through Facebook check-ins, reviews and Instagram location tags. Every time a customer checks in at or writes a review about your business on Facebook, or tags your location on Instagram, we make a donation to a great cause. Keep reading to find out how check-ins and location tags help grow your business…

Q: What the heck are check-ins and location tags and why are they important?

A:  A Facebook Check-In is a type of Facebook post that shows where someone is located, like a gym, restaurant, or park. So, why are check-ins important? Check-ins are typically seen by about 200 friends of the person checking in. Plus, they provide your business with four awesome marketing benefits: a personal referral, a link to your Facebook page, a map to your business, and your organizational rating. Four birds, one really big stone.

Instagram Location tags are similar to Facebook check ins in that they provide information about your business and direct links to your posts and profile. Plus, they help boost engagement! Posts tagged with a location on Instagram get 79% higher engagement (Hubspot).

 Q: Wow! How much does this cost?

A: Causely is one of the most cost-effective ways of marketing your business. Our Partner Plan starts at $139.99/month and includes tracking, analytics and content for one Facebook page and one Instagram account. The Leader Plan is $199.99/month and provides everything in the Partner Plan + access to more comprehensive insights about your social media metrics.


Q: What types of businesses does Causely work with?

A: All types of businesses can benefit from using Causely. We work with gyms, restaurants, franchise owners, churches and many others.

Q: When I sign up for Causely, how does it benefit a charity? 

A: Ok, ok, this is our favorite part! Each month we choose a non-profit partner to support. Every time your customers check in or review your business on Facebook, or tag your location on Instagram, we make a donation to that month’s cause. For example, in February, one check-in donated one hour of care for a shelter animals. It’s amazing to see what a group of people can do with the proper motivation and a simple way to change the world with their fingertips. Click here to see all the good we’ve accomplished.


Q: How do you pick the charities each month?

A: We have a rigorous selection process and only work with world-class non-profits. In order to work with us, a non-profit must be a registered 501(c)(3), be able to designate funds towards the programs we support, have at least $2 million in annual funding, and be able to provide high-quality media that documents their work. In addition, every non-profit we work with must enter into a formal partnership agreement with Causely.

Q: How much money goes to the cause with each check-in?

A: Our donation per check-in completely depends on the monthly cause. What’s more important is that, as a company, we donate about 30% of our gross revenue to charity. Can you think of another business that donates even a fraction of that? Click here to read about how we just reached our goal of donating $2 million to charity. 

At the end of each month, we’ll provide you with plenty of content to share with your customers about the good you’ve done. Click here to see everything you’ll receive. 

Q: Can I start immediately?

A: Abso-freaking-lutely. To get started, request a personal demo with our Customer Success Team. We’ll walk you through how to get started and promise to tell you at least one funny joke.

Q: Does Causely work with businesses that have multiple locations?

A: Yes. In fact, many of our customers operate multiple locations. During your Causely demo, we’ll show you how to set up the program for any locations you operate.

Q: I operate a franchise with dozens of locations. Does Causely provide additional services or features for enterprise customers?

A: Yes, Causely provides custom-branded creative and special pricing for enterprise customers. For more information, contact our customer success team at membersuccess@causely.com or call 844.552.2873.

Q: Can I see some examples of business owners who use Causely?

A: Heck yes. We love spotlighting businesses on our blog. Check out these case studies.