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How This Snap Fitness Gym Harnesses the Power of Facebook Check-Ins


“It’s 2016. You can’t not have a digital presence,” said Geoff Wyatt of Snap Fitness Rosemount in MN. “We don’t see much value in print material. We see tremendous value in digital marketing.” He understands the power of Facebook check-ins, and so will you in 2:24 seconds (the time it takes to read this entire post).

Geoff started his business nine months ago. He aspired to create a gym community that wasn’t “corporate.” He explained that, “Many gyms charge you for everything under the sun rather than actually care about your well-being.” Geoff wanted a place that aligned with his values.

Traditional Marketing Wasn’t Enough

Geoff worked hard to successfully build his new gym’s community. But with other gyms on every corner of the city, it was difficult to stand out.  He tried everything: direct mail, door hangers, banners, personal outreach, even pizza box toppers! His most successful strategy was actually yard signs. The effort yielded a few members, but not enough to keep the doors open. 

Then he heard about Causely. He learned that Causely could help him get more Facebook check-ins (one of the most powerful ways to generate referrals). He also learned that Causely would encourage his members to check in on Facebook by supporting charities.

He was curious about being able to grow his business by giving back. But he was skeptical, too. “Honestly, I was reluctant to call at first,” he said. Could a program that costs significantly less than his $400/month marketing budget really provide better results?

The Power of Facebook Check-Ins

But then Geoff had an epiphany. A friend of his in another city was always checking in on Facebook at his gym. “Seeing his check-ins on Facebook made me think about how if I decided to move to that city, I would already know which gym I’d go to because he goes there,” he said. “That’s when I realized how powerful Facebook check-ins could be.” 


After speaking with the Causely team, Geoff asked two Causely customers what they thought of the program. “They both spoke highly of Causely and how it has significantly increased membership engagement and Facebook impressions. Their members love supporting causes together,” Geoff said. With that, Geoff was ready to give Causely a try. 

Increased Visibility With Causely

Since starting the program, Geoff no longer spends hours creating Facebook content for his gym. Instead, he shares the stories Causely creates for him about the causes his community is supporting. In just two short months, Geoff’s gym has more than tripled its impressions from Facebook check-ins. 


To get his members excited about checking in and going good, Geoff promotes the program on televisions, posters, decals, and displays throughout the facility. And he especially makes sure to tell new members about Causely when they join.

Ready For New Members

While he hasen’t been using the program long, Geoff already expects to attract plenty of new members. Geoff watches his check-ins increase every day. He advises anyone considering Causely that he is “living proof that Facebook check-ins are great referrals.”

If Geoff’s experience is any expectation, Causely more than delivers on its promise of helping businesses grow by giving back.