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Causely helps businesses generate awareness on social media by giving back

Causely Partners With Pike13

Causely, leader in cause marketing, and Pike13, a client management solution for class and appointment-based businesses are announcing a partnership to help businesses manage clients and scheduling while giving back to great causes. 

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21 Innovative Ways to Grow Your Restaurant Business

For a long time, brick-and-mortar businesses, including restaurants, have struggled to truly understand their customers without the data available to online establishments.

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4 Tech Trends Disrupting Foodservice in 2017 - FSTEC Recap

Will you recognize your restaurant operation five years from now? You may not, at least according to some of the trends presented at FSTEC this week. 

If you couldn't attend yourself, or just want to share what you learned, here’s a recap of the four technology trends highlighted at FSTEC in 2017.

Trend #1: AI Will Change Where and What We Eat

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Causely Announces Preferred Vendor Status With F45 Training

Lexington, KY - September 11, 2017 - Causely, Inc., announced today that F45 Training has awarded the company its Preferred Vendor status.

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How This F45 Location Generated Word-of-Mouth From Day One

Brenda Butz is the manager and trainer at F45 Training in Highlands Ranch, CO. Although her gym joined Sweat Angels by Causely just a short while ago, her community is already reaching up to 166,000 people on social media every month.

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4 Restaurant Brands That Are Getting Ahead By Personalizing The Guest Experience

Great food. Friendly service. Competitive prices. Those used to be the recipe for a successful restaurant, but today, they're just table stakes.

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Causely Community Commits $15,000 To Harvey Victims

Lexington, KY - September 1, 2017 - Causely, Inc. announced today that it's community of businesses and churches will donate at least $15,000 to victims of Hurricane Harvey, in partnership with the American Red Cross.

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We're Launching Two Beta Groups For Major Upcoming Updates

Our mission has always been to help businesses and churches grow by giving back.

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Why Neglecting Facebook Reviews Is Bad For Business

The influence of online reviews is vastly growing and won't slow down anytime soon.

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H2OpenDoors & Causely

Guest post by Jon Kaufman, Director of H2OpenDoors

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Visit Causely At NRA Show 2017 For A Chance To Win

Headed to the 2017 National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago this year? If so, visit Causely at booth #9246 for a chance to win an international shoe distribution trip, along with other prizes! We'll be there from May 20-23 in the Lakeside Center at McCormick Place. Click here for an exhibitor map.

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Causely Community Provides 104,846 Minutes of Autism Therapy

Each April, being Autism Awareness month, the Causely community rallies around kids in need. This April was no exception, so we partnered with The Autism Site to make an impact. 

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Causely Ranks 6th Best Place To Work In Kentucky For 2017

We’re excited to announce that Causely recently came in at #6 on the list of best places to work in KentuckyThere was a dinner and trophies, and we even wore our “fancy” clothes.

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4 Ways To Leverage NPS When Your Business Has Multiple Locations

If you run a business with multiple locations, how do you know if one of your sites has started to create a poor customer experience? Since you can't be in every place at once, you may not know until it's too late. And you probably won't be finding out from your employees. By the time customers at that location have started to complain loudly enough for you to notice, your other locations will start to suffer, too. 

Wouldn't it be better to find out if a location has started to slip ahead of time?

You can, by using Net Promoter Score (NPS). In this post, I'll show you how. But first, a quick refresher on NPS and what it's intended to do.

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Causely Community Provides 251,743 Meals to Kids in March

Every day, millions of kids aren’t sure where their next meal will come from. We want to help change that. That’s why throughout the month of March, every two Facebook check-ins and Instagram location tags at our member locations provided one meal to a child in need through our non-profit partner, FeedOne.

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What Makes a Successful Cause Marketing Campaign?

There are bad cause marketing campaigns and there are great ones. Some continue on for decades and some fall flat. So, what makes one campaign more successful than the other? Experience shows us there are key components to successful cause marketing campaigns. Without those components, most campaigns crash and burn.

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Turn Those Likes, Comments, and Shares Into Leads

The online world is saturated with likes, comments, shares, etc. Consumers have developed a habit of "liking"content as a form of engagement, especially with brands. This type of engagement has become the norm, a digital nod of approval or, in some cases, disapproval. But what do those metrics actually mean for your bottom line? More than you might think.

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New Causely Feature: How To Enable Auto Post

Check out the latest addition to your dashboard - the new "Auto Post" feature. By enabling this feature, your monthly content (cause announcements, mid-month updates, recaps, and impact stories) will automatically be posted on your location's Facebook page.

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Why Do Brands Invest In Cause Marketing Strategies?

In an increasingly busy and profit-driven world, big brands are taking an altruistic step back. In fact, 5% of the total charitable donations in 2015 came from corporations, a 3.9% increase from the year before. But is it truly a selfless desire to give? Yes and no.

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What These ‘Millennial Favorite’ Restaurants Are Doing Differently on Social Media

Most restaurateurs are scratching their heads trying to figure out the millennial puzzle. Do they prefer take out or dining in? Cheap and fast? Fast, but quality? Slow, but cheap? It's tricky because millennial preferences change on a daily basis. 

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What Do Top Performing Affiliate Gyms Do Differently?

Guest post by Tiffany Houkom, SEM Specialist, Zen Planner

You’ve probably heard the “new year, new you” motto floating around lately. It’s the time of year to make resolutions in an effort to become a new, better you. The same can hold true for your business. If your affiliate gym struggled last year, this is your opportunity to start the New Year fresh.

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How This Franchise Co-Owner Connects with His Customers Daily

Sam Schaffer, Director of Operations and Co-Owner of Newk's Eatery in Lexington KY, has spent his entire life in hospitality and has a passion for serving and connecting with his guests. When Sam discovered Causely, he found a unique way to connect with guests inside and outside the restaurant. 

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Why Charitable Giving is Suprisingly Beneficial To Your Business

Causely is a company that thrives on helping businesses give back. Because of that, we often hear the question, "But why is giving money away good for my business?"

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How Our Company Went From Donating $46.80 to $2 Million

On August 30, 2013, Causely wrote a check to our non-profit partner, Soles 4 Souls, for a whopping $46.80.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that number, but if you’re trying to become the “most philanthropic company” in the world, you know you have a long way to go.

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[MONTHLY RECAP] December 2016 - Toys for Tots

Once upon a time, in December, every 15 check-ins provided a book to a child in need. And our Causely community checked in to give the gift of reading by providing 24,463 books for children in need through Marine Toys for Tots Foundation. After that, all the children had a lifetime of joy reading books. The end. Thanks for checking in last month! #books4kids

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And Our 2016 Non-Profit Winners Are...

We partner with some amazing non-profit partners every month. For the first time, we wanted to highlight some of our exceptional partners throughout 2016 and celebrate some of the campaigns that saw the most engagement, the best stories, and had the most spirit. Here are the 2016 Causely Charitable Partners Awards! 

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12 of Our Best Marketing Resources and Stories From 2016

At Causely we have one goal: to help businesses grow by doing good. And to help businesses reach this goal, we provide them with marketing resources and stories of impact.

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How to Save Your Gym Members From Holiday Laziness

There are a few things more attractive than gym memberships over the Holidays: cookies, sleep, Netflix... eggnog...cookies...sleep..

"Oops! No time for the gym today...."

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How a Strong Community Helps This Gym Get New Members (and Keeps Them Coming Back)

"People can go anywhere to work out," said Stephanie from The Grind Shop in Cincinnati. "What hooks people to a specific gym is a good experience and a sense of community. Causely creates both those hooks."

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[MONTHLY RECAP] November 2016 - Movember

This November, the Causely community gathered together to support our beloved men. Every check-in on Facebook helped educate 15 men on the risks of prostate cancer. We partnered with Movember to make this happen. And we're proud to announce that we helped educate 5,507,918 men (yes, that's millions). Thank you for helping keep our men from dying too young! #movember

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[MONTHLY RECAP] October 2016 - Bright Pink

October was truly PINK. Our community spread #breastcancerawareness by providing 156,182 breast and ovarian cancer risk assessments through Bright Pink. This donation will help thousands of women asses their risk of certain cancers and potentially save their lives through early detection. Thank you for caring for the women in our world and honoring our loved ones! 

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7 Ways to Inspire People to Join Your Gym in the New Year

Everybody plans to join a gym at New Year's, right?

Right. Actually, 38% of people's new year's resolutions are "weight loss" related. Which makes New Year's one of the best times for growing your gym.

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We Must-Ache You... Which Mustache Are You?

We're proud to announce that the winner of the mustache quiz contest was Juston Espinoza of Grand Rapids WMCDO! Thank you to everyone who participated in the mustache quiz. The quiz is now closed.

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We're One of The Nation's Top 100 Best Places to Work!

You know how right before you win something, you convince yourself that there's no way you could possibly win? You're dying to win, but full of doubt. Then all of a sudden, the cloud of doubt parts, and they announce your name as the winner! Let's be honest, you would probably pee your pants. And that's exactly how we feel right now...

We're proud to announce that Causely (that's us) was just awarded OUTSIDE Magazine's Top 100 Best Places to Work 2016 Award! We don't have any photos to prove it, but here's a link to the article. And here's a nice portrait of our staff for you to frame if you want:

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See Which Businesses Are Giving Back Together

When we started Causely back in 2010 (we were called SoJo Studios then), we had a mission of helping people give back through playing social networking games.

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New Non-Profit Partnerships: Movember and Toys For Tots

Our favorite part about what we do is building relationships with non-profits that are making an impact on the world. This means that we are always looking for new non-profit best friends. 

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How Facebook Check-Ins Provide Loving Care for Shelter Animals

This past September, our Causely community worked together to provide – wait for it – 1,687,518 bowls of food for shelter animals through the Rescue Bank. We're amazed (per usual) and want to shed some light how our Facebook check-ins supported Rescue Bank's mission. 

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Causely Partners Reach Down to Help Hurricane Matthew Victims

Our non-profit partners are always doing good. In light of the devastating effects of Hurricane Matthew,  several of our partners have stepped up to provide support and supplies to people affected by the hurricane

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[MONTHLY RECAP] September 2016 - Rescue Bank

We sure do love our animals! Last month the Causely community provided 1,687,518 bowls of food for shelter animals through Rescue Bank. By providing food for animal shelters, it allows organizations to focus on other areas of #care4animals such as housing, daily maintenance, veterinary care, and specialized needs.

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Why Kathy and Her Daughters are Checking In to Support Bright Pink

“You can’t control cancer with your check-ins, but you can help find it earlier," says Kathy Stringer, member of Buford Fit Body Boot Camp and an advocate for breast cancer screenings. Which is why she and her daughters are checking in with Sweat Angels by Causely to support Bright Pink

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Learn How To Monitor Facebook Check-Ins In 5 Minutes

At Causely, we're big believers in the value of a Facebook check-in. 

After all, Facebook check-ins are one of the best ways to generate word-of-mouth for your business. Not only is each check in typically seen by about 200 friends, but the post itself contains some valuable information about your location, too.

Take a look at the Anatomy of a Facebook Check-in below: 

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[MONTHLY RECAP] August 2016 - BuildOn

Yet again, our Causely community crushed it with check-ins. In August, we not only supported the Louisiana flood victims, but also provided 49,060 #bricks4schools through buildOn. That's enough bricks to build an entire school AND start another. Causely businesses just changed thousands of lives by providing a safe place for children to attend school. Amazing. Click here to read about the school we built with check-ins last year. 

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[MONTHLY RECAP] July 2016 - H2OpenDoors

During the month of July, our Causely community checked in on Facebook to provide 19,184,748 gallons of water through H2OpenDoors! And to help install one of the water purification systems, we sent one of our favorite customers to Honduras. Click here to hear about his experience

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The Secret Path to Conquering Instagram for Businesses [eBook] 

Are you lost when it comes to Instagram? The Secret Path to Conquering Instagram for Businesses maps out everything you need to enhance your Instagram posts, engage your current followers, and draw in new ones.

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How Iron Tribe’s Charitable Mentality Sets Them Apart

When Erin came to Iron Tribe - Louisville, it was their values that drew her in. "We're about helping people become the best versions of themselves," she said. "We support each other and the entire community." That's why Causely's Sweat Angels was a perfect fit for helping get the word out about the gym by giving back to the community. 

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How Jake Discovered His Passion For Helping Others

Several months ago, we hosted a contest to win a trip to Mexico with one of our non-profit members, H2OpenDoors. And the winner was Jake Burke, owner of Burke's Martial Arts and Atomic Kickboxing

The trip was "life-changing" for Jake, so much so that he came back to the US with a new-found passion for helping others. His next adventure is to help build another water purification system in Thailand. Watch the video below to hear Jake talk about his experience. 

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Top 9 Apps for Getting the Most Out of Instagram

Instagram is the king of photo-sharing and storytelling. To keep your business relevant and tell your story in a way your audience can receive it, it behooves you to post spectacular photos and videos. But, Instagram's built-in features are limited. That's where third party apps for Instagram come in. 

Here's a list of the best apps for Instagram to help you get the most out of Instagram and keep up with your competitors. 

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6 Simple Ways to Increase Engagement on Instagram

There are two factors for Instagram success. The first is figuring out what kind of content to post (which we already mapped out for you). The second is increasing engagement with your followers. And if you think just posting content and watching it is going to work, you're setting yourself up for disappointment. Just like any social network, increasing engagement on Instagram takes effort, time and a good strategy. 

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[INFOGRAPHIC] 6 Benefits Your Business Will Experience From Instagram

The number of brands on Instagram is on the rise, making it a vital piece to your marketing strategy. To help you get exicted about where this popular network can take your business, we mapped out 6 major benefits your business will experience from being on Instagram.

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How Bella Forza Fitness Inspires "Beautiful Strength" by Giving Back

 "With Causely's Sweat Angels, I know our Facebook check-ins are actually supporting real charities and spreading the word about our studio," said Eileen Pike, Barre Coach and Social Media Manager for Bella Forza Fitness in Cincinnati, OH.

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How We're Proving That 'America Isn't a Hellhole'

There are a lot of problems in the world. More than we can count. It's overwhelming to think about fixing all the problems. So overwhelming that someone recently resorted to calling America a "hellhole." But here's the deal: it's not so overwhelming if you just tackle one problem at a time. Which is exactly what Causely does.

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3 Successful Ideas To Build Your Brand on Instagram

So you’ve got an Instagram account for your business and it looks like this...

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Help Us Support The Louisiana Flooding

When there's a need, the Causely community gathers together to make an impact. 

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Sweat Angels Featured on Barbell Business Podcast

If you haven't checked out the Barbell Business podcast yet, it's worth a listen. One of the top resources for gym owners, Barbell Business regulary features experts who provide insightful advice for building a successful fitness business.

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How This Multi-Site Manager Saves Time on Marketing

"Last year was our most successful year," said PJ Jones, manager of both Gold's Gym-Indy and Get Fit Athletic Club. "And the only thing we did differently was Sweat Angels by Causely." These gyms started Sweat Angels 8 months ago and have seen significant growth in foot traffic and referrals. PJ has also experienced the added benefit of saving time on marketing by using Sweat Angels.

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The School We Built With Facebook Check-ins

We've seen a lot of good done in the world from the Causely community's dedication to checking in on Facebook. It's rare to see such tangible outcomes from our efforts. Which is why we're excited to spotlight our partnership with buildOn

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How To Set Up an Instagram Account for Your Business

You've heard there are 500 million users on Instagram. And that 48.8% of brands are on Instagram.  Hopefully, you've realized it's time to get your business on Instagram. Welcome to 2016, and don’t worry, it’s just as easy to set up your Instagram account it was to set up your Facebook account. Actually, it might be easier. Here's how to set up an Instagram account for your business. 

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[WEBINAR] Get More Visibility For Your Gym With Local SEO

In order for people to find your gym online, you'll have to spend a little time improving your SEO. Don't know what that means? We've got you covered with our upcoming webinar with Sweti Services.

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5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be On Instagram

Do you remember the popular kid in school who threw a party for the entire school when his parents were out of town? You knew it’d be talked about for the rest of your life, but still, you were unsure about whether or not to go... 

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How to 'Build an Even Stronger Community' with Your Gym Members

"At Curves, we all connect with one another," said Tina Bruno of Curves of Apex, in North Carolina. "Causely helps us connect even more.

After joining the Curves staff in 2005, Tina bought the business in 2009. Being new to the fitness business, she had a lot to learn. But she was ahead of the game. Tina already knew two things she needed to do to be successful. First, she had to build community with members. And second, she had to develop a strong presence online. 

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How This Salon Uses a Word-of-Mouth Marketing Strategy

Bean Tabben-Adkins is an Elite Stylist and the Social Media Manager at Planet Salon in Central Kentucky. During her ten years in the salon industry, she's learned that the best way to grow a salon business is through an word-of-mouth marketing that generates referrals. Here's how Causely provided Bean with the strategy she needed to grow Planet Salon. 

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10 Ways to Maximize Productivity [INFOGRAPHIC]

At Causely, we need everything we can get to stay productive in our crammed office space. And since infographics make everything better (including productivity), we made you this list of 10 ways to increase productivity and get rid of distractions in the workplace. Enjoy! 

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5 Tips Small Business Owners Can Learn From Pokémon Go

Pokémon Trainers, rejoice! The popular game from the 90's is back and as hot as ever. While playing working hard, we discovered some valuable tips for small business owners from Pokémon Go.

But before we get into the business tips, let's back track for those of us who didn't grow up in the 90's. The original video game, Pokémon, came out in 1996. And they recently released a new version of the game as an app for smart phones. The app uses augmented reality, which forces users to walk around outside in order to play. The objective of the game is to catch various monsters and use them to fight each other. Here's an article explaining the game in detail. 

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[eBook] 10 Ways To Beat Burnout Before It Beats You

Learn how to live stress free at work and at home.

Recognizing stress is the first step to dealing with and beating burnout before it swallows you whole.

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And The Winner Is... 

First, thank you to everyone who participated in the contest! We were blown away by the number of people who referred friends. Second, congratulations to Jake Burke of Atomic Kickboxing and Burke's Martial Arts for winning a trip to Mexico with H2OpenDoors! Jake will be heading to Mexico to help install a Sunspring water purification system in Nayarit. While there, he will also get to: 

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How This Restaurant Relies on Causely to Grow and Do Good

"I'm not good with Facebook," said Eddie Hensley, Director of Operations at Ted's Montana Grill. "I don't have any experience with it. But the Causely team got our Page all set up and took care of everything."

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How Mathnasium Fosters a Sincere Brand by Giving Back

"When I heard about Causely, I knew it was the perfect marriage between Mathnasium's awareness needs and our desire to give back," said Carlo Dimaisip, owner of Mathnasium Learning Centers in East Sparks, Nevada.

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[MONTHLY RECAP] June 2016 - Soles4Souls

Wow! This past June, our Causely community checked in on Facebook to provide 38,263 pairs of shoes to people in need through Soles4Souls. The image in the recap post is of our very own Brooke Peterson delivering shoes in Hondoruas. Read her story of how your check-ins are making an impact in the world. 

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[JULY CAUSE] H2OpenDoors - Clean Drinking Water

For the month of July, we're partnering with H2OpenDoors to provide clean drinking water to developing communities all over the world. Every Facebook check-in provides 50 gallons of clean drinking water.

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How to Post Live Video on Facebook

News just in: now you can post live video on Facebook! It's kind of like hosting your own talk show. Like Kramer, except for real. 

With live videos, you can share exactly what you're doing at any given second of the day. Should your business consider live video? If you think that providing your customers with personal, real-time access to your business/product would keep them more engaged, then the answer is YES.

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How Camp Gladiator Members Do Good Together

"Working out doesn't have to be awful. It can be fun. And with Causely, people can workout together to do something good," says Paul Taylor, Trainer for Camp Gladiator Denton/Corinth.  

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[eBook] Brand Yourself: A Business Owner's Guide for Building a Successful Brand

Learn how building a strong brand can grow your business.

Good branding is more than just a name and a logo—it’s what people think of when they hear your business’ name. 

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7 Fitness Industry Leaders Who Benefit From Causely

Causely partners with over 3,000 businesses to help them grow by giving back. And we're gaining more every day. Sometimes we sit and wonder, "why do so many businesses trust us?" To find the answer, we asked several fitness businesses participating in our Sweat Angels program the same question. Here's what they had to say.  

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13 Insightful Quotes on Resolving Conflict at Work

Conflict exists in every business and can be detrimental to a team if not handled properly. So to help you out, we compiled a list of quotes and tips about resolving conflict at work. Unless of course you're one of those people who likes conflict, then we recommend you visit Monty Python's Argument Clinic.  

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[Webinar] Grow Your Business With an Enhanced Facebook Page

Are you generating leads from your Facebook page? If not, then you should register for our free webinar. Here's a few topics we'll cover

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10 Ways to Maximize Productivity and Eliminate Distractions

Do you have trouble with productivity at work? If the answer is "no," you're lying. Or you're a robot. 

To help our own team get more done, we asked everyone in the Causely office to share their favorite tips about maximizing productivity and eliminating distractions. 

And because a world with fewer distractions is a happier one, we wanted to share our productivity tips with you. Read below to see how Causely makes things happen...

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Why We're Changing the Check-In Angels Name

Our company mission is to help more people experience the joy of doing good and our long-term goal is to donate $1 million every month to charity. As we grow, we will provide more and more ways of doing good than just checking in on Facebook. And in order to meet our goals, we've realized the need for a simplified brand that better reflects our mission. 

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A Story From The Good Lounge: Shoes For The Future

Back in June 2015, the Causely community partnered with Soles4Souls to provide over 29,000 pairs of shoes to people in need. And because of that donation, in addition to hundreds of donations since then, Causely was invited by Soles4Souls to help distribute donated shoes in Honduras. Of course we accepted and sent Brooke Peterson, Causely's Head of Culture and Non-Profit Partnerships.

This is the story of Brooke's experience distributing shoes in Honduras. She reports straight from The Good Lounge, the one room in our office dedicated to spotlighting all the good our communities have done over the years. 

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Support Soles4Souls With New Sweat Angels Swag

All your dreams have finally come true. You can now support charity with brand new Sweat Angels swag! Thanks to our partnership with ASRX, every Sweat Angels shirt sold through ASRX will provide a pair of shoes to someone in need through our June non-profit partner, Soles4Souls. Ready. Set. Get your swag. 

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[MONTHLY RECAP] May 2016 - Vitamin Angels

During the month of May, we had the privilege of supporting an incredible non-profit called Vitamin Angels. And we are proud to announce that the Causely community checked in on Facebook to provide a whopping 736,926 prenatal vitamins for moms in need! 

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Why UFC Fighter Tim Credeur Chose Causely

"Causely tightens your community," said former UFC fighter and MMA gym owner, Tim Credeur, when asked to describe his experience with Causely. After 5 months of Causely, Tim's fitness business has seen a dramatic growth in membership, online traffic, and overall customer engagement. He shared his success story with us.

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How Brick New York Doubled Gym Memberships in One Year

By using Causely just a few months after they opened for business, Brick NY doubled its membership within one year. Brick NY Head Coach Heidi Jones told us how they made it happen.

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Why This Business Got Rid of Tradition(al Marketing)

If you’re looking for MMA instruction in Memphis, you’ll probably end up at one of the city’s most beloved schools, Memphis Judo and Jiu Jitsu. While this beloved school has been around for more than a decade, they only recently joined Causely. Why would a 12-year old school try a new marketing approach after so many years in business? We met with owner David Ferguson to find out.

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Causely

We totally geek out about what we do. So, here's a list of questions we'd want to ask us if we were you. What we do is pretty innovative and new, and we tend to stutter when we talk about it (cause we get too excited). Hopefully, this post answers all your questions and dreams about us.

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How We'll Help More Businesses Give Back

We built Causely to help more people experience the joy of doing good. That's why we want to help as many businesses as possible support causes.

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Keep Your Customers Engaged With This Simple Facebook Tip

Do you ever wonder what your customers see after they check-in on Facebook at your business? By default, Facebook just displays the cover image from your page and a generic welcome message (see below for an example). But did you know that you can choose what people see after they check-in? 

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How One Business Stands Out In a Crowded Market

Many business owners wonder how to make their business stand out in a crowded market. Should they add new programs or products? Move to a better location? The answer isn't always obvious. But one business owner we know found the answer. His success is so exciting that we want to share his story.

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Get Your Business Seen On Facebook With Boosted Posts

Today, we have access to one of the largest free advertising tools in history: social media.

The only problem is that everyone in the world has the same access and our channels are cluttered with content. Trying to get your message noticed is akin to trying to see above people’s heads in a crowded room. What you need is a leg up: a stool, a stack of books, a table, anything....

In the Facebook world, that leg up is called a boosted post, and in this blog post, we'll show you how (and when) to use them...

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How This Snap Fitness Gym Harnesses the Power of Facebook Check-Ins

"It's 2016. You can't not have a digital presence," said Geoff Wyatt of Snap Fitness Rosemount in MN. "We don't see much value in print material. We see tremendous value in digital marketing." He understands the power of Facebook check-ins, and so will you in 2:24 seconds (the time it takes to read this entire post).

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Why Only 10% of Your Facebook Followers See Your Posts

Many business owners spend thousands of dollars each year to build their audience through Facebook Likes. The logic seems simple - the more Likes your business page gets, the more people you’ll be able to reach. The truth is, even if you have accumulated a ton of followers, the number of people who will actually see your content is much smaller than it appears.

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How to Sharpen Your Marketing Message by Creating Personas

We see and hear as many as 5,000 marketing and advertisement messages a day. From what we read in magazines to what we hear on the radio, we are bombarded with advertisements. But how many of those do you think we pay attention to? Probably very few. We’re so overwhelmed with marketing messages we tune most of them out. 

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The Life and Times of Facebook

Did you know the Facebook "Like" button didn't appear until 2009? Can you remember what your social life was like before? We can't either. There's probably a lot more you didn't know about Facebook, so we wrote you a brief history of Facebook. But since visual aids make everything more interesting (just ask your 6th grade history teacher), we also created a graphic history of Facebook the human.

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The History of Facebook

It’s hard to imagine a society without Facebook, isn’t it? Now, when you meet someone, you don’t ask for their contact information -- you ask if they’re on Facebook. Actually, you probably just look them up on Facebook later and friend them without asking.

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The Value of a Facebook Check-In

Imagine that you were trying to create the ultimate social media post to promote your business. What kind of information would you include? Location? Ratings? People who have been there? Photos of your community?

It turns out that this is exactly how Facebook check-ins work, and they're the most valuable form of exposure a gym owner could hope for. Why do we say that? Keep reading to find out.

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5 Killer Tips For Engaging Your Facebook Followers

Facebook is a vital tool for marketing your business, but it can be tricky to gain visibility for posts on your page. In 2014, Facebook made some changes that directly affect how your posts appear (or don't appear) on News Feeds. 

The short, short story is that in order to create a good user experience for their customers, Facebook doesn't want "pushy" content to appear on users' News Feeds. Instead, they favor valuable content from businesses that users actually want to see. 

But what does it mean to produce valuable content? Here are five Facebook best practices to make sure that content on your page is seen by as many of your followers as possible:

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5 Tips for Building a Strong Brand

Most businesses wonder what it takes to build a brand that reaches to the ends of the earth (think Coca-Cola, Apple, Kleenex). Everyone knows these brands, and if you don’t, you probably need to get out more. But what makes them so successful? 

Psst! The answer is a little thing called branding.

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Leslie Knope's Top Tips for Business Owners

If you’ve ever seen Parks and Recreation, you know that Leslie Knope is not just an entertaining character, but also a hard-working, passionate, and inspiring individual. Just like a business owner.

We recently interviewed Leslie Knope (probably) to see what advice she had for business owners. After paging through binders full of notes, she shared the following tips with us... 

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How Many People Does Your Business Reach on Facebook?

Since so many people use Facebook, it’s worth learning how to reach more people with your business's Facebook posts. In this article, we'll start by showing you how to use Facebook Insights to see how well your posts are performing. We'll then show you when the best time to post on Facebook is. Put these two pieces together and you'll start seeing some major improvements in your social media.

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We're The Best Place to Work in Kentucky!

You know how when you're way too excited about something... and you obsess over it... and then you have to distract yourself from thinking about it? That's pretty much how we're feeling right now. Except we're also shaking a little from the sugar high we got from celebratory donuts.

In case you haven't heard, we're kiiiiind of big deal because we won the #1 Small Business award from Best Places to Work in Kentucky. If you don't believe us, this PDF says so, and shame on you for doubting us already.

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[MONTHLY RECAP] April 2016 - The Autism Site

This April, our Sweat Angels kicked butt by providing 282,581 minutes of autism therapy through The Autism Site. And they did it by checking in on Facebook. With Sweat Angels, every check-in at you gym generates a donation to a great cause. Click here to see how it works.

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[PODCAST] Run Your Gym Like a Business w/David Ferguson

Are you thinking about expanding your gym to another location? Great, but have you thought about everything an expansion entails? What about parking and staff training?

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Double Revenue at Your Yoga Studio With a Teacher Training Program

Anyone who teaches yoga or owns a yoga studio knows that very few people become wealthy in this business. It’s just a fact that we accept, likely because sharing yoga makes us rich in so many other ways. Now, if you’re not a yogi and you’re reading this, you’re likely rolling your eyes at that terrible cliché. But it’s true. Yoga is incredible.

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5 Ways To Turn Your Gym Staff Into Raving Fans

Today's blog post is written by guest author, Sheena Bull. Sheena is a social entrepreneur, personal trainer, and the founder and owner of a full membership gym. Sheena is also the author of a book called "Unleash Your Fitness Freak: It Starts With A Trip To The Gym,” about her experience starting a gym in a small community.

Have you been read about the idea of turning your customers into "raving fans"? Many gym owners and managers focus energy and attention on customer satisfaction, sales strategies, advertising and promotion. However, as a gym owner, you must realize that without a passionate staff, all of your other efforts might be in vain.

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6 Perks Of Being a Sweat Angels Gym

Several of our favorite gyms have experienced some killer perks from Sweat Angels. To celebrate their efforts and what they've experienced, we created a snazzy infographic! 

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[MONTHLY RECAP] March 2016 - Watsi

Last month, our Sweat Angels provided 245 sight-restoring surgeries for children via Watsi. And they did it by pumping some iron and checking in on Facebook. With Sweat Angels, every check-in at you gym generates a donation to a great cause. Click here to see how it works. 

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How to Grow Your Martial Arts School During Back to School Season

It’s that time of year again. Time to connect with your school-aged students and get them re-enrolled in your programs. Otherwise, you miss out on one of the best ways to grow your martial arts school. As you know, the easiest way to do that is to host a few events. Then you catch them before they get involved in other school or community sports and activities.

To inspire you to do the planning and coordination to make this happen, we’ve got a few different ideas for you to try.

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[PODCAST] Is Your Gym Missing Out By Not Selling Retail? w/Dave Colina

Dave Colina is the owner of Formula O2 recovery drink and gym retailer extraordinaire. In our latest episode of Gym Owners Guide To The Galaxy, Dave, Matt and John talk about the benefits many gyms overlook by not selling retail in their gyms. Dave also gives some pointers on how to set up and enhance your retail space.

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[VIDEO] How and Why To Boost Your Posts

Are you posting great content, but aren't seeing great engagement? It might be time for a boost. In this segment of our video series, we'll show you how boosting posts can improve Facebook engagement and help you gain more followers.

Here's what we'll talk about: 

  • What boosting means. 
  • Why you would want to boost a post.
  • How to actually boost a post, step-by-step. 
  • How to review the results once a boost has concluded.
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[VIDEO] Using Facebook Check-Ins to Improve Engagement

What the heck are Facebook check-ins and why are they important? And as a gym owner, you've got to focus on the success of your gym. Which means marketing should be a top priority (right?). After all, you can't have a gym without members and to get members you have to make yourself known. Facebook check-ins are the most cost effective way to gain more members. In this final segment of our video series, we'll cover these topics:

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[VIDEO] Scheduling Your Content

We'd be willing to bet that you have plenty of social media content about your gym, but that you never get around to posting it. It's okay, we all deal with this. Don't fret! In this 5 min video, we'll show you a few easy ways to save you time and make posting less of a chore. 

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Bros or Chicks...Who Should You Target on Facebook?

To be heard on Facebook, you'll have to don the superhero cape in your closet and twirl a sign on the side of the road.  Kidding! (but we hope you wear your cape more often).

Seriously though, to be heard, you have to know whom you’re talking to. While it would be great to know every detail about your audience, you’d be surprised how many gym owners overlook one of the basics: gender.

In this blog post, we’ll show you how to use Facebook Insights to discover whether men or women are more engaged with your Facebook page. With this new information, you’ll be able to better tailor your message and increase engagement with your brand.

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Are Your Cause Marketing Programs Driving Results?

The following post was written by our friend, Lloyd Melnick, Sr. Director of Customer Experience at Zynga.

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[Monthly Recap] February 2016 - Best Friends Animal Society

Last month, over 2,000 Sweat Angels gyms provided 66,792 hours of loving care for pets at Best Friends Animal Society. And they did it by checking in on Facebook after working out—the easiest way to do good in the community. With Sweat Angels, every check-in at you gym generates a donation to a great cause. Click here to see how it works. 

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[PODCAST] How Two Ordinary Guys Conquer Each Day With A Morning Routine

Feel overwhelmed from the minute you wake up each morning? There’s an antidote. Building a well-planned morning routine is as great way to regain control of your day. In Episode 15 of The Gym Owner’s Guide To the Galaxy, reformed late-risers Matt and John share how they use a well thought-out morning routine to jump start the day.

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Imagine A Referral Program Your Members Love

Social media was a long-time challenge for Four Barrel CrossFit. The gym tried multiple ways of using Facebook to grow its membership, but things just weren’t clicking. Today, Four Barrel enjoys thousands of Facebook followers, a much larger member base, and a strong community. We spoke with owner Case Belcher to learn more about the challenges he faced with referral programs and the path he took to turn things around.

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[PODCAST] How to Get Started With Video At Your Gym w/ Chris Perilli

Chris Perilli is owner of PixelMobb and an all-around expert when it comes to making videos in the fitness industry. In Episode 14 of The Gym Owner’s Guide To The Galaxy, Chris will explain why video is such an important part of marketing your gym, how to create your very first video, and even which common mistakes to avoid. He’ll also recommend has favorite apps and add-ons to help take your video quality to the next level.

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[PODCAST] Why Your Martial Arts School Needs A Kids Program w/Guest: UFC Fighter Tim Credeur

Tim “Crazy” Credeur is a former UFC fighter and owner of Gladiators Academy in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. Tim’s school is one of the most well-respected MMA schools in the country. His philosophy on running an MMA school is based on being inclusive, creating an amazing first impression, and more recently, having a very strong kids program.

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6 Best Practices for Getting More Check-Ins at Your Gym

The following is a guest post by Katie Arnold, from 50 States In A Year, who raised money for Sweat Angels by Causely charities at CrossFit boxes all over the country.

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11 Brands That Get Us Excited About Fitness

Our favorite fitness brands are those that motivate, encourage, and inspire us to work out. Here are 11 of the brands we turn to when we need that extra “push” to head to the gym. Did we leave off your favorite brand? Let us know in the comments!

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[eBook] The Ultimate Marketing Guide For Your Gym

 Take your membership growth to the next level with this free guide.

There's more to marketing your gym than just taking out an ad. Without a strong social media presence and an easy-to-navigate website, you're not likely to see results.

Fortunately, The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Your Gym has you covered. Download your copy now to learn everything you need to build a solid growth program for your gym.

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Sweat Angels 2015 Giving Recap

Our Sweat Angels community did some amazing things last year, like delivering over 24 million gallons of safe drinking water and providing more than 29,000 pairs of shoes for children in need. All those Facebook check-ins at our partner gyms really added up to make a big difference! 

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11 Facebook Check-Ins From a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Facebook check-ins are arguably the best way to tell your friends about places you love, especially if you happen to be in different star systems. 

To celebrate our love for both Star Wars and Facebook check-ins, we put together this collection of check-ins from some of our favorite characters in both the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire.

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How to Improve Customer Loyalty By Celebrating Your Charitable Efforts

If you've ever wondered why you should improve customer loyalty, all you have to do is think back to Little League baseball. When you were a kid, whose efforts were celebrated most at the end of the season - yours or your coach's? Yours. Even though you could barely hit the ball and ran the wrong way around the bases half the time, it was you that was recognized most, not your coach. You got the trophy, you got the pizza party, you were made to feel like you could become the next Derek Jeter.

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[PODCAST] Building Your Tribe With Steve Kamb of Nerd Fitness

Steve Kamb is the founder and owner of Nerd Fitness, which gives people who are daunted by the idea of getting in shape a better chance of becoming healthy. He's also the author of a new book, called Level Up Your Life.

Since its inception in 2009, Nerd Fitness currently has over 280,000 followers, thanks to its unique approach to blending fitness guidance with game mechanics and a healthy dose of science-fiction and video game references.

In Episode 12 of The Gym Owner's Guide To The Galaxy, we’ll hear how (and why) Steve created Nerd Fitness. He'll also share advice for gym owners who want to level up their own lives, and he’ll explain why having the right brand and building a thriving community is so crucial for success.

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How To Sell Gym Memberships

Today's blog post is written by Phil Stern, Director of Sales at Zen Planner, How To Sell Gym Memberships  a company which provides client management software for thousands of fitness businesses.

If I had to guess, you own a fitness business because of your passion for fitness and desire to help people  – not to sell memberships. If that’s the case, some of the tasks associated with being a business owner might feel like a complete pain. Like sales. But let’s be clear: if you want your business to thrive, you will have to know how to sell gym memberships.

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7 Books Every Business Owner Should Read

As we approach the New Year, we often find ourselves drawn to self-improvement and new sources of inspiration. For that reason, we created this list of books for business owners to read this year. Each of the books can improve an area of your life or business, and most of them are on our list of all-time favorite books.

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[PODCAST] Why Your Gym Needs A Strong Brand w/ Jarrett "JP" Perlmutter of BRICK Sports Performance

The right branding for your gym can draw people in. But if your branding is weak or designed to appeal to the wrong audience... well, people will find somewhere else to work out.

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How to Host a Yoga Workshop at Your Studio

You’ve got a full class schedule, great teachers, and a growing student community. These things are critical for running a successful studio. Without any of them, your business would be in trouble. But if you don’t leverage the power of yoga workshops and other special events, you could be missing out on a chance to take your studio to the next level.

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Why This Martial Arts School Got Rid of Tradition(al Marketing)

If you’re looking for MMA instruction in Memphis, you’ll probably end up at one of the city’s most beloved schools, Memphis Judo and Jiu Jitsu. While this beloved school has been around for more than a decade, they only recently joined Sweat Angels. Why would a 12-year old school try a new marketing approach after so many years in business? We met with owner David Ferguson to find out.

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[Worksheet] Gym Health Assessment

Does your gym have a clean bill of health?

Running a fitness business is no easy task. It's even harder if you don't know what areas need improvement the most.

That's why we created our FREE Gym Health Assessment worksheet. Download your copy now to quickly see where your business needs help.

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How This Anytime Fitness Club Increased Facebook Reach By 3X

Like many gym owners, Todd Adamson, owner of Anytime Fitness in Milton, FL was searching for ways to market his Anytime Fitness club. He had tried several different tactics before his club owner friends recommended he check out Sweat Angels by Causely. Once he did, he was delighted with the results. Today, Anytime Fitness in Milton has a rapidly growing club with engaged members and increased Facebook reach.

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[PODCAST] Grow Your Gym Using Content Marketing w/ Mike Bledsoe

Mike Bledsoe is a founder and host of Barbell Shrugged and Barbell Business - two of the most popular podcasts in the fitness industry. In Episode 10 of The Gym Owner’s Guide to The Galaxy, Mike answers the question, “what is content marketing?” He explains why gym owners need to incorporate content marketing as part of their growth strategy and provides advice for content marketing beginners.

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How To Get More Done By Starting A Morning Routine

How you start your day impacts everything that follows.

If you wake up to donuts and video games, you’re priming yourself for a sluggish start and a sugar-crash later. Instead, if you begin your day with a nutritious breakfast and your favorite motivational podcast, you’re more likely to conquer everything in your path.

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How One Yoga Studio Increased Reach on Facebook by 423%

Although CorePower Yoga is a national brand, that doesn’t mean that they don’t face challenges with getting results on social media. We sat down with Rebecca Baack, of CorePower Yoga in Broomfield, CO, to learn how she used Sweat Angels by Causely to increase reach on Facebook for her studio by 423%.

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[PODCAST] Be The Best Gym Owner You Can Be: Advice From Fitness Leader Bedros Keuilian

Bedros Keuilian is known as the “hidden genius” behind many of the most successful brands and businesses in fitness. You may have seen him on ABC, NBC, Spike TV or in one of your favorite health magazines. Not only has Bedros built a reputation as one of the most knowledgeable leaders in the industry, he's also the founder and CEO of Fit Body Boot Camp and has built multiple highly-successful fitness and health publications.

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How Much Should Gym Owners Spend On Marketing?

As a gym owner, one of the most important things you need to understand is something called Member Lifetime Value (MLV). It’s an estimate of how much revenue a member will generate during their lifetime as a customer.

If you know how much revenue your members will generate, than it becomes much easier to figure how much you should spend on marketing. Keep reading to find out how to calculate MLV for your gym.

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[VIDEO] Tips for Outstanding Photos and Videos

You know it's important to post photo and videos on your Facebook page. They're more likely to be shared and receive engagement. But the question is, what should you take photos and videos of?

In Part 4 of How to Publish Great Facebook Content For Your Gym, we'll share some must-know tips to take your photos and videos to the next level.

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How To Save 40% On Your Gym's Marketing Budget

Bryce Henson, owner of three Fit Body Boot Camp locations, cut his gym's marketing budget by 40% and was able to reach more people by partnering with Sweat Angels by Causely.

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[PODCAST] How To Earn $100,000 A Year From Your Fitness Business

To say that Pat Rigsby is an accomplished fitness industry expert would be a huge understatement. Pat’s not only built well over a dozen fitness businesses, he’s also a best-selling author, speaker, and coach. He’s been featured in publications such as Men’s Health, USA Today, Men’s Fitness, Shape, Women’s Heath, and Huffington Post. Today he focuses on helping other gym owners increase revenue through his personal consulting business.

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11 Things I Wish I'd Known Before Starting My Gym

In Back To The Future, Marty McFly travels back in time to give his father, George, some advice. With help from his future son, George goes on to lead a far more successful life than he would have otherwise. Thanks Doc.

Now, while we can't travel back in time ourselves (yet), we can share some advice from gym owners who've already been down the road you're on as a new gym owner.

So if you've recently opened your doors and want some advice that's as cool as a time-traveling DeLorean, power up your flux capacitor and keep reading.

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[eBook] Increasing Revenue at Your Yoga Studio

Anyone who owns a yoga studio knows that very few people become wealthy in this business. But that doesn't mean you need to scrape by...

In this free resource for yoga studio owners, we'll show you how adding retail sales, workshops, and teacher training can dramatically improve revenue. In under 15-minutes, you'll learn valuable tips for improving revenue at your yoga studio today.

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[PODCAST] From UFC Fighter to Gym Owner: The Story of Alan Belcher

Alan “The Talent” Belcher is a top-ranked professional UFC fighter, gym owner, and entrepreneur. Over Alan's decade-long career, he collected 18 UFC wins and at one point was ranked #3 in the world. Alan is now focused on running the Alan Belcher MMA Club. He also spends a considerable amount of time helping other Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu club owners succeed at running their own businesses.

In Episode 7 of The Gym Owner's Guide To The Galaxy, Alan will talk about his grueling road to becoming a professional fighter in the UFC. He'll also share how his background as a fighter helps him be a better business owner.

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[VIDEO] How to Check In With Julie Foucher


You've heard that you can "check-in" on Facebook at a Sweat Angels gym to help some great causes, like providing clean water for kids or caring for rescued cats and dogs. But how does that work? And what's exactly is a Facebook check-in anyway?

Sweat Angels athlete Julie Foucher shows us how to do a Facebook check-in in this quick video. Watch and share with your members... and don't forget to check-in!

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How This Minneapolis Gym Generates High-Quality Leads With Facebook

Minneapolis is home to hundreds of great gyms, fitness studios, and personal trainers. The sheer number of fitness businesses in that area makes it hard to stand out from the competition. But Kosama Minneapolis does it by delivering world-class fitness classes and coaching, and using Sweat Angels to generate word-of-mouth referrals.

We talked to Jake Madrinich, owner of Kosama, to see how Sweat Angels works to grow his gym. Here’s what we learned.

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How To Get Started With Retail At Your Yoga Studio

You have a nice studio, talented teachers, and great class participation. Why in the world would you consider taking on the extra work involved in selling retail products? The answer is easy: adding retail will increase revenue at your yoga studio, serve your students, and build value for your community.

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Is Your Gym Healthy? Find Out With These 16 Metrics

You opened a gym because you want to change lives, not crunch numbers. But knowing your business metrics is a critical part of running a healthy gym. If you don’t monitor your metrics, you may not discover a problem until it’s too late. 

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[VIDEO] The Importance of Telling Stories on Facebook

Ever come across a Facebook page that was so boring it almost put you to sleep? Chances are, there wasn't a good story being told. If you're not using stories to tell people about your gym, then you won't hold their attention for long. 

Watch Part 3 of How to Publish Great Facebook Content for Your Gym to learn how to create and share captivating stories with your own audience. 

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[eBook] How To Get More Referrals At Your Gym

Did you know that 92% of people trust referrals from friends over all other forms of advertising?

If your gym isn't generating word-of-mouth referrals, you're missing out on one of the most effective ways to get new members at your gym.

Download our FREE eBook now to learn how to build an effective program at your gym. 

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[PODCAST] Developing an Authentic Brand w/ Baker Leavitt of Kill Cliff

Baker Leavitt is an early member of Kill Cliff, maker of recovery drinks for athletes. Not only has Baker helped turn Kill Cliff into a major company in the nutrition space, he's also built apparel company 2POOD. 

In Episode 6 of The Gym Owner's Guide to the Galaxy, Baker shares his advice for gym owners who want to better define their own brands. We'll also hear how Kill Cliff built a strong social following by fostering customer engagement and using an authentic voice.

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This UFC Gym Owner Gets New Member Referrals Every Month

The fitness business is competitive. For people who want to lose weight or pursue a healthier lifestyle, that’s great. It means they’ve got plenty of options when it comes to where they can workout. But for owners of fitness businesses, this fierce competition means an effective marketing strategy is critical.

We caught up with Larry Stelley, General Manager of UFC Gym El Paso, to find out how Sweat Angels put him ahead of the competition. Here’s what we learned.

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[PODCAST] How To Build a Massive Facebook Following

Paul Nobles founded Eat to Perform just a few years ago as part of a mission to improve his own health. Along the way, he developed a Facebook following of over 1 million fans and has helped thousands of people improve their fitness and well being.

In Episode 5 of The Gym Owner's Guide to the Galaxy, Paul shares the story of how he built Eat to Perform. We'll hear his tips for building and nurturing a strong social media following, along with advice for creating a business based on authenticity. 

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Your Doors Are Open... Now What?

Congratulations! You worked hard to make it happen. All your planning and dedication has finally paid off, and your gym is open and ready for business.

This is an exciting time. It’s also the time to build a strong foundation of best practices to position your business to succeed. Throughout our conversations with hundreds of successful gym owners, we’ve heard great advice for starting off on the right foot. These tips from others who have been in your shoes will help you manage your gym effectively in its early days.

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How to Grow Your Gym By Networking Like a Pro

Networking is a great way to grow your gym and forge new business relationships. But since most of us don't have the confidence of Tony Robbins or the charm of Johnny Depp, what are we do?

Fortunately, networking doesn't have to be hard. Here are three easy ways anyone can be more successful at their next networking opportunity. Follow these recommendations you’ll be networking like a pro.

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[Podcast] How To Nurture Leads and Close Sales with Phil Stern from Zen Planner

Phil Stern is the Director of Sales at Zen Planner, a client management software for that serves thousands of fitness businesses.

In Episode 4 of The Gym Owner's Guide to the Galaxy, Phil shares advice for gym owners on how to be more effective at turning prospective customers into long-term members. Plus, we’ll hear some of Phil’s favorite blogs and books for gym owners who want to nurture leads and close more sales.

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[VIDEO] Dos and Don'ts For Profile and Cover Images

Every Facebook page has a cover image and profile image. But if you're not using the right creative, you might actually be turning people away from your gym. 

In episode 2 of our 7-part video series called "How to Publish Great Facebook Content for Your Gym", we'll take a look at some best practices for creating cover and profile images that draw members through your door. 

Cover and profile images are the first impression you Facebook page makes on new visitors, so don't miss this one...

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The Gym Owner's Guide to the Galaxy - Episode 3: Lessons From Opening 100 CrossFit Boxes

Mike Kratochwill is the Sr. Director Marketing for Reebok Training and has been instrumental in building Reebok’s relationship with CrossFit. In his role at Reebok, Mike helped hundreds of box owners around their world open their own CrossFit locations. Along the way, Mike learned some valuable lessons on how to successfully open a new gym. Mike later opened his own box, called Reebok CrossFit Mefield, in 2012. In this episode, Mike shares insights from his unique position in the fitness business.

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5 Must-Know Tips To Increase Retail Revenue at Your Gym

Today's blog post was written by Dave Colina, founder and president of the recovery drink company, formula O2. Dave works with gym owners and retailers alike, and today he shares his advice on how to run a successful retail operation at your gym. 

Thousands of gym owners are retailing products to increase revenue at their gym, and even more are considering it. Depending on how well it’s executed, retail can be a time-consuming headache or a low-maintenance profit center. As the founder of formula O2, I see a lot of different retail operations and have noticed a few common themes underlying the successful ones. Here are the top 5 tips I give to gym owners venturing into retail for the first time or looking to revamp their existing operation.

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Meet Sweat Angels Athlete Julie Foucher: Part 2

In part one of our interview with Julie, we learned about her favorite music, workout preferences and plans after competitive CrossFit. But what about her life purpose? How was she able to juggle medical school and competition? And what advice does she have for us for setting and achieving goals? The second part of her interview answers those questions and is sure to inspire and motivate everyone. 

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The Gym Owner's Guide to the Galaxy - Episode 2: How to Build an Online Community

If you've ever participated in an online forum or discussion group, you know just how easy these communities can make it to share advice. You also know that these groups can turn pretty messy if they're not managed well. But we know one guy who's created a fantastic online group for CrossFit box owners - John Manser, founder of the CrossFit Affiliate Owner's Group on Facebook.

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Meet Sweat Angels Athlete Julie Foucher: Part 1

If you could sit down and talk to CrossFit Games athlete Julie Foucher, what would you ask her?

You'd probably want to talk about workouts, what kind of music she's got on her playlist, and what she plans to do after competitive CrossFit. And you'd probably fall in love with her warm personality and great laugh, because we sure did.

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Our New Podcast: The Gym Owner's Guide to the Galaxy

We know building your business is important to you, and we have friends who've been there and can help. Our new podcast, The Gym Owner's Guide to the Galaxy, connects you with some of the most successful gym and studio owners in the business. With one guest interview per episode, we'll help you maximize your time while you learn.

Check out our first episode about Making the Move to Multiple Locations with guest Bryce Henson. Bryce talks about growing your gym and marketing across multiple locations. Visit us on SoundCloud or iTunes, or you can listen right here! We can't wait to hear what you think!

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[VIDEO] Understanding Your Facebook Audience (Part 1/7)

You've probably heard the advice that your gym needs to be on Facebook. But just having a page isn't enough... Are you actually using Facebook to attract new members at your gym?

To help you make the most of Facebook, we've created a 7-part video series that will help you easily master Facebook for your gym.

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Sweat Angels Partners With Julie Foucher

It’s an exciting day for the Sweat Angels team as we announce our partnership with Julie Foucher. 

If you're a part of the CrossFit community, you are well aware of Julie and what’s she’s accomplished. If not, a short introduction is in order... Julie is not only a four-time CrossFit Games athlete, but she's also a medical student at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine Class of 2017. Julie has maintained a grueling schedule of physical training in conjunction with medical school, and has achieved amazing success in both. 

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Our New Partnership With Zen Planner

We are happy to announce today a formal partnership with our friends at Zen Planner. We're working on some exciting things together, including an upcoming webinar covering best practices for running and marketing fitness businesses.

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How One Gym Got 1 Million Facebook Impressions in 4 Months

For years, The Iron Bar gym in Puyallup, WA had been having a tough time attracting new members. But after joining Sweat Angels, the gym saw immediate, dramatic changes and discovered how to get more Facebook impressions.

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Congratulations to Our Community on 100,000 Check-Ins This Month

We've been extremely fortunate to see our Check-In Angels and Sweat Angels community grow so quickly these past several months.

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[VIDEO] How To Publish Great Facebook Content For Your Gym

Simply publishing content on your gym's Facebook page is easy. But publishing content that your fans actually respond to is usually challenging at best. 

To help gym owners be truly effective with their Facebook content, we put together a free, 7-part video series, called How To Publish Great Facebook Content For Your Gym.

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[eBook] The Gym Owner's Guide to Facebook Success

At Sweat Angels, we've helped hundreds of gym owners use Facebook to grow their gym. But along the way, we've heard how much of a headache it can be to properly configure and utilize a Facebook business page. Facebook is a constantly changing platform, and most gym owners simply don't have the time to figure out Facebook's nuances on their own.

To make things easier for gym owners, we put together a free resource, called The Gym Owner's Guide to Facebook Success.

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What Every Gym Owner Needs To Know About Local Search

Today's post was written by Tiffany Houkum, Search Engine Marketing Specialist at Zen Planner.

When you need to find something in your neighborhood, whether it is a restaurant, coffee shop or dry cleaner, where do you go to find it? Chances are, you wouldn’t go searching around your house for a phone book. Instead, you’d probably grab your smartphone, tablet or laptop and search on Google to see quickly all the options nearby.

If Google is where you go to find businesses in your area, it’s likely that’s what prospects of your gym rely on when they’re looking for fitness facility options in their area. This makes local search a key component of your gym’s marketing strategy.

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