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7 Fitness Industry Leaders Who Benefit From Causely


Causely partners with over 3,000 businesses to help them grow by giving back. And we’re gaining more every day. Sometimes we sit and wonder, “why do so many businesses trust us?” To find the answer, we asked several fitness businesses participating in our Sweat Angels program the same question. Here’s what they had to say.

1. Jake Madrinich—Kosama Minneapolis

Businesses partner with Causely because we help generate hundreds of referrals with Facebook Check-Ins. As a business owner, you know (we hope) that referrals are the best way to grow your business. In fact, 92% people trust recommendations from their friends over all other forms of advertising. Jake Madrinich, owner of Kosama Minneapolis, trusts Causely to help deliver referrals.

Generate_Referrals_at_Your_Business Read Jake’s full story, here

2. Heidi Jones — Brick NY

Causely not only helps businesses get customers, we help businesses keep customers by fostering loyalty and engaging people online. Giving people a reason to check in is key. Heidi from Brick NY explains how Causely has helped accomplish this at Brick NY.

Retain_Customers Read Heidi’s full story, here

3. Tim Credeur—Gladiator’s Academy

When it comes to building community at a business, nothing helps better than rallying people to support causes together. Which is exactly what Causely does. Tim Credeur, owner of Gladiator’s Academy, told us how Causely has helped bring his community together.

Build_Community_at_Your_BusinessRead Tim’s full story, here

4. Megan Geerdts—Cadence Cycling & Fitness

It’s simple. 83% of Americans wish that businesses they patronize would support causes. That’s why we started Causely — to help more people do good. Megan from Cadence Cycling & Fitness has seen the fruits of this firsthand at her gym.

Read Megan’s full story, here

5. PJ Jones—Gold’s Gym Indy and Get Fit Athletic Club

Ok, you can’t actually give yourself time. That’s impossible. But, we can save you time. We save you the time it takes to create good content by providing “done for you” emails, Facebook posts, and promotional material to share with you community. PJ Jones, manager of Gold’s Gym Indy and Get Fit Athletic Club, understands the value of Causely’s ready-made content.

Save_Time_On_Marketing Read PJ’s full story, here

6.  David Ferguson—Memphis Judo and Jui Jitsu

Facebook marketing continues to be the most relevant form of advertising. Causely’s strategy is centered around Facebook check-ins, which provide the most important information about your business to over 200 friends of the person checking in. David Ferguson, owner of Memphis Judo and Jui Jitsu, decided it was time to make the switch to Facebook marketing and chose Causely.

Effective_Marketing_For_Your_Business Read David’s full story, here

7. Samir Panjwani—Orangetheory Fitness Peachtree Corners

Because Causely focuses on generating check-ins (referrals), it helps build awareness for your business. Some gyms experience up to 10x the Facebook impressions! And the best part is that by doing good, you will enhance your gym’s reputation. Samir Panjwani, owner of Orangetheory Fitness Peachtree Corners, experienced both benefits.

Build_AwarenessRead Samir’s full story, here


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