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12 of Our Best Marketing Resources and Stories From 2016

Grow Your BusinessAt Causely we have one goal: to help businesses grow by doing good. And to help businesses reach this goal, we provide them with marketing resources and stories of impact.

In 2016, we produced a boatload of content centered around helping business owners be better in every aspect of life. Topics ranged from productivity to marketing your business on Instagram to how to give back with your community. 

Since content can get lost in the hustle, we gathered our best (and most favorite) posts from 2016 into on place. Here's the list of our top 12 posts from this year. May your business grow and may you ever be inspired to do good! 

1. 13 Insightful Quotes on Resolving Conflict at Work

Conflict exists in every business and can be detrimental to a team if not handled properly. So to help you out, we compiled a list of quotes and tips about resolving conflict at work. Unless of course you're one of those people who likes conflict... continue reading

Conflict Resolution at Work

2. [INFOGRAPHIC] 10 Ways to Maximize Productivity

At Causely, we need everything we can get to stay productive in our crammed office space. And since infographics make everything better (including productivity), we made you this list of 10 ways to increase productivity and get rid of distractions in the workplace...continue reading.

How to Be More Productive

3. [INFOGRAPHIC] 6 Benefits Your Business Will Experience From Instagram 

The number of brands on Instagram is on the rise, making it a vital piece to your marketing strategy. To help you get excited about where this popular network can take your business, we mapped out 6 major benefits your business will experience from being on Instagram... continue reading.

Instagram for Business

4. 5 Tips Small Business Owners Can Learn From Pokémon Go

Pokémon Trainers, rejoice! The popular game from the 90's is back and as hot as ever. While playing working hard, we discovered some valuable tips for small business owners from Pokémon Go...continue reading

Pokemon Go for Business

5. [eBook] The Secret Path to Conquering Instagram for Business

Are you lost when it comes to Instagram? The Secret Path to Conquering Instagram for Businesses maps out everything you need to enhance your Instagram posts, engage your current followers, and draw in new ones...continue reading.

Instagram For Business

6. [eBook] Brand Yourself: A Business Owners Guide for Building a Successful Brand

Good branding is more than just a name and a logo—it’s what people think of when they hear your business’ name. With this free guide, we’ve outlined five essential tips for building a successful brand. Each tip walks you through the importance of branding and how it can enhance your business...continue reading

Branding Your Business

7. The School We Built With Facebook Check-Ins

In August 2015, the Causely community of businesses supported buildOn by providing 44,025 bricks for a new school in Laureles de El Cua, Nicaragua. Every 4 Facebook Check-Ins provided 1 brick for the school, and we were able to build an entire school. Here's the story of how it happened...continue reading. 

Facebook Check-Ins

8. Why Kathy and her Daughters are Checking In to Support Bright Pink 

“You can’t control cancer with your check-ins, but you can help find it earlier," says Kathy Stringer, member of Buford Fit Body Boot Camp and an advocate for breast cancer screenings. Which is why she and her daughters are checking in at Causely businesses...continue reading.

Check In For Good

9. How Facebook Check-Ins Provide Loving Care For Shelter Animals

This past September, our Causely community of businesses worked together to provide – wait for it – 1,687,518 bowls of food for shelter animals through the Rescue Bank. We're amazed and want to shed some light how our Facebook check-ins supported Rescue Bank's mission...continue reading

Check In For Good

10. How This Salon Uses a Word-of-Mouth Marketing Strategy

Bean Tabben-Adkins is an Elite Stylist and the Social Media Manager at Planet Salon in Central Kentucky. During her ten years in the salon industry, she's learned that the best way to grow a salon business is through an word-of-mouth marketing that generates referrals. Here's how Causely provided Bean with the strategy she needed to grow Planet Salon...continue reading. 

Word of Mouth Marketing

11. How This Restaurant Relies on Causely to Grow and Do Good

Eddie has been in the restaurant business for 20 years. And, in his six years with Ted's, he's identified its biggest marketing challenge: finding a strategy that's cost effective and can measure the return on investment...continue reading

Word of Mouth Marketing

12. How a Strong Community Helps This Gym Get New Members (and Keeps Them Coming Back)

Stephanie heard of Causely from other gyms in the fitness world, but it wasn't until she saw a friend checking in on Facebook at her gym and supporting charity that she understood the value of Causely. Thousands of people were seeing the same check-in with the gym's brand attached...continue reading.

Giving Back TogetherWe hope our content has been helpful for your business. We'll see you in 2017 for even more resources to help build your business and do good!

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