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Connect with every visitor, every weekend.

Ditch those awkward connection cards forever by using your existing Wi-Fi network.


Reach connects churches with their people.

Now you can digitally collect guest information, personalize follow-up campaigns, and get more people plugged-in - all by leveraging your current wifi platform.

Here's how.

Digitally Collect Visitor Email

Ditch connection cards forever. Add visitor name and email directly to your records when they log in to your Wi-Fi network.

Get Visitors Plugged In

After visitors login to Wi-Fi, show them relevant information about new visitor sessions, upcoming events, online giving, and more.

Automatically Follow Up With New Visitors

Build relationships with first-time visitors through personalized campaigns. Track attendance trends and deliver messages when the moment is right.

Discover How Visitors Engage With Your Church

Know who's new and who's returning, track attendance trends by weekend, and see which service times are most popular.

Join the beta group.

Limited spots available, so apply now to lock in your spot and take advantage of your Wi-Fi network.