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The Causely Dashboard

Share and print monthly content, track your Facebook and Instagram metrics, and follow up with customers all from one spot. Take the tour below to see how.


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Common Questions

What's a Facebook Check In?

A Facebook check-in is a type of Facebook post that's shows where someone is located, like a gym, restaurant, or park. Facebook check-ins are typically seen by about 150-200 friends of the person checking in. 

How Does “Checking In” Work on Instagram?

You “check-in” by clicking “add your location” to any photo or video post on Instagram. The last screen right before you hit “share” will ask you to tag people, add a location, and which social channels to share on. Add your location then.

What kind of businesses join Causely?

All kinds! We have over 3,200 Causely members and they range from small businesses, salons, restaurants, gyms, churches, coffee shops, and doctor’s offices. If you have a business Facebook page, you can join.

Can I see some Causely success stories?

We'd thought you'd never ask. We love spotlighting successes on our blog. Check out these stories.

What Triggers a Donation?

Every time your guests check-in on Facebook, or add your location on Instagram, we make a charitable donation on their behalf.

How much money goes to the cause with each check-in?

Our donation per check-in completely depends on the monthly cause. What's more important is that, as a company, we donate more than 30% of our gross revenue to charity.

What kind of causes does Causely support?

We partner with the best of the best and are always looking for non-profits doing amazing things to change the world. Here’s a list of who we currently support.

How do you pick the charities each month?

We only work with world-class non-profits. In order to work with us, a non-profit must be an official 501(c)(3), be able to designate funds towards the programs we support, have at least $2 million in annual funding, and be able to provide high-quality media that documents their work.

Why do membership plans have a donation cap?

The donation caps serve one purpose: keeping Causely alive. We donate 30% of our annual revenue. This means that we have to put a limit on our monthly donation by capping the donations to what we can afford. As our community grows, the total amount donated will continue to increase.

What happens if I exceed my donation cap?

If you exceed your donation cap, we simply stop donating to the monthly cause. Fortunately, your check-ins will continue to benefit your business!

Can I change plans?

Yes, you can change plans at any time and at no charge. Your new plan will be effective immediately.

Is Causely a non-profit?

No, Causely is not a non-profit. Just all of our best friends are non-profits.