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Learn How To Monitor Facebook Check-Ins In 5 Minutes


At Causely, we're big believers in the value of a Facebook check-in. And in case you've missed the check-in train, we're here to tell you that having people check in at your business is one of best ways to market your business. Basically, Facebook check-ins are worth-of-mouth marketing gone wild. Just look at the marketing benefits.

How to Monitor Facebook Check-Ins

But how do you keep track of your check-ins? And which customers are checking in? Fortunately, Facebook makes it easy to find out.

How to Monitor Facebook Check-Ins

All you do is follow these four steps and you'll be monitoring check-ins like a champ.

STEP 1 - Log In 

The first step is easy: log in to Facebook as the Admin of the page you'd like notifications about. 

STEP 2 - Settings 

Well done! You're doing great so far. Now, click "Settings" in the top navigation bar.

How To Monitor Facebook Check-ins

STEP 3 - Notifications

Now, click "Notifications" on the left-hand menu.

How To Monitor Facebook Check-Ins

STEP 4 - Options

You're on fire! Next, you'll see some options for communication. Just choose the option that works best for you. We use the "get one notification every 12-24 hours on all activity" so that we don't get bogged down by notifications (we're really popular). Pick whatever works for you.

This setting will not only send you notifications about check-ins, but also all activity on your page (likes, comments, shares, etc.). 

How to Monitor Facebook Check-ins

Don't Want Notifications? 

Ok, so maybe you don't want notifications for every activity on your page. That's cool. Here's what you can do instead: 

  1. Instead of clicking "Settings," click "Notifications.

    How to Monitor Facebook Check-Ins
  2. Next, click "Activity. " 

    How to Monitor Facebook Check-Ins

  3. Finally, click "Check-ins." On the right side of the screen, you will see a list of every check-in at your location.

    How to Monitor Facebook Check-Ins

You're Ready to Monitor Check-Ins!

Easy, right? Now you'll start receiving notifications (or not, if you opt out) about who's checking in at your business. Make sure to take a few minutes each day to engage with people checking in. Everyone loves a business that engages with them personally! 

Want To Get Hundreds of Check-Ins? 

We just happen to be the #1 Facebook check-in program. Every time someone checks in at a Causely business, we donate to a great cause. It's the perfect way to get people excited about checking in and spreading the word about your business while making a huge impact on the world. Click here to learn more about how it works. 

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Sarah Werner

Sarah is a writer, marketer, and brand specialist. She has experience in both non-profit marketing and financial development as well as for-profit content marketing and social media. She holds degrees in English and Art from Asbury University. When she’s not writing content for Causely, you’ll find her outside with a book or camera enjoying the company of trees. You can also find Sarah on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn


John Rougeux

John is co-founder and CMO at Causely. When he's not trying to build the most philanthropic company in the world, he's probably hanging out with his wife and three daughters in Lexington, KY. You can also find John on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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