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The Joy of Doing Good

We believe people should be able to be charitable by going about their everyday lives — at the gym, church, favorite stores and restaurants. Simple everyday actions that could provide a real impact. And that’s how Causely was born.

Our Mission

We connect and empower businesses, communities and non-profits to create a better world.

Our Journey

- What's Next? -

Tying Facebook check-ins to charitable donations is just the beginning. We’re building even more ways for businesses and their customers to support charity together. Stay tuned!

- 2016 -

Causely was selected 2016 Best Place to Work in Kentucky!

World-class non-profits, such as Soles4Souls, FeedOne, buildOn, World Wildlife Fund, Save the Children, charity: water, Bright Pink, Watsi, Children’s Health Fund, and Compassion International come on board.

Over 3,000 customers join our program and we raise over $2 million for charity!

- 2015 -

Sojo Studios becomes Causely as we continue to expand, with over 1,000 businesses and churches on board. Collectively, our partners generate 100,000 Facebook check-ins to support charity.

- 2014 -

After seeing Sweat Angels take off, we sell our social gaming business so we can focus exclusively on helping businesses and their customers give back together.

We introduce the Reach program to help churches invite more people to service using social media.

- 2013 -

We realize an even bigger opportunity to help people give back through their everyday actions: working with businesses to turn Facebook check-ins into charitable donations.

We introduce a program called Sweat Angels to test the idea at a local gym in Lexington, KY. The community loves the idea.

- 2012 -

Our community of more than 2 million game players raise over $1 million for charity.

- 2011 -

We launch WeTopia, one of the first games to turn game play into charitable donations. Ellen DeGeneres, Justin Bieber, and Blake Shelton become advocates of the game.

- 2010 -

Causely begins life as Sojo Studios, a social gaming company dedicated to helping people support charity through game play.

"We felt that if we could harness the power of millions of players already playing social games, and give them a way to work together and give back, it could change the landscape of gaming." - Lincoln Brown, Founder and CEO

Meet the Team

We love people, especially our own. It’s no coincidence we all grew up pretending to be superheroes.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work with Leslie Knope? We at Causely experience it every day. Brittany is the kid sis of the office and her self-proclaimed alter ego is Leslie Knope. She came to us from a marketing agency, where she worked with marketing operations, analytics, and social media. You can always expect her to say the unexpected. But when it gets down to it, she kicks ass as the Marketing Assistant. She has two goals in life: For Causely to get to 6,000 locations so that she can meet Amy Poehler and for Causely to show the world how companies can be profitable and do amazing things for people all over the world. We think both goals are attainable, now let’s go get some waffles.


BROOKE PETERSON // Co-Founder, Head of HR/Culture, Charitable Giving & Business Dev.

Brooke has an entrepreneurial mind that she started putting to use when she was six years old. She needed to find a way to fund her shopping addiction for Barbie Dolls since she didn’t dare ask her parents for more toys. So she packed up her Radio Flyer wagon with her twin brother and a cooler full of steaks. Yup, steaks. She knocked on her neighbors doors and was rarely turned away empty-handed. Six-year old blonde twins selling freshly cut steaks just before dinnertime proved to be a profitable venture… lots of Barbies were purchased. Since then, Brooke has continued to help build businesses, many of them with Lincoln. As Co-Founder, she keeps her plate full by heading up Charitable Giving, HR & Culture, and nurturing our enterprise clients. She feels like she has the best job in the company since she gets to work with Causely’s awesome charitable partners and help build its amazing team and culture. Did she mention Causely won best small company to work for in Kentucky?


Drew Breaux wrote this for Chris:
"Chris is a devilishly handsome, hard-working designer who has to ask his wife permission to go to lunch with his friends. When he’s not begging for things, he’s back-squatting more weight than you’ve ever back-squatted - and then complaining about how bad said back-squats hurt his back. He’s real cool though, platonically speaking."

While this is a stunning description of our web designer, we’d like to add that Chris is a self-developed, color-blind graphic designer with 15+ years experience in logo creation, print / web layout, constantly learning, and guessing colors. Over the last several years Chris' focus has shifted to all things web with sights on expanding web development skills - where hexidecimals make his life so much easier than pantone books. Chris' life goals are simple - to always learn, implement, and improve... and to get a pair of color-corrective glasses. That'd be cool too. *UPDATE: Chris got the glasses and they are, in fact, the coolest thing he owns.*


As a child, David enjoyed wearing belly shirts while riding with his BMX bike gang and drawing ninja turtles. Now that he's all grown up, Dave enjoys riding bikes, wearing ninja costumes and designing cool visual (so not much has changed). Before joining the Causely team, he worked as a graphic designer for Alltech in Lexington. Now he designs all things Causely. When he’s not designing, well maybe sometimes while he’s designing, Dave is a Crossfit maniac. He can do, like, 30 muscle ups in one minute. He loves all things outdoors as long as he is wearing his SPF 200, cause he’s a ginger with sensitive skin. And like all sensitive guys, he has a heart for charity, which is why he chooses to hang out with us.

DREW BREAUX // Head of Sales

Have you ever seen someone draw a perfect depiction of former NBA star Dennis Rodman? No? Then you've never met Drew. His background would only confuse things, so let's not even get into that. He's a happily married father of three (including twins!) who relishes the quiet moments of nightly reprieve between the hours of 9pm and 10pm. He also writes children's books (told you the background would only be confusing), and is the recipient of 2016's "Most Improved" Causies Award. His goal for Causely is to help us become the most charitable company in the world!


HANNAH CONOVER // Operations

Growing up, Hannah single-handedly proved that nerdiness is genetic by working at her family’s CPA firm and going on to obtain her own CPA license and degree in finance from EKU (Go Colonels!). Increasing her nerdiness by 100%, Hannah spent the last six years as a consultant in the banking industry honing her skills in credit analysis, internal audit, and risk management. When she came to us, we knew she’d fit in with the rest of us Causely nerds as our Financial Operations Manager. She has fun (yes, fun) wrangling numbers into submission and keeping the $ and ¢ in line. Her non-nerdy, too-cool-for-school life goals are to hit a two-plate deadlift in the next year and to continually seek places where her “deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”

HANNAH TATUM // Onboarding

Hannah has a heart of gold and packs a punch. Just like your mom. And we love it. She came to us all the way from China, where she was teaching English before she became the customer coach for a fitness software company. Now she heads up the customer onboarding team, making sure our Causely-ites are successful and all-around rockstars every day. Outside of work, she sings in a band with her husband and spends time with her 1-year-old sweetheart, Imogen. Hannah’s one goal in life is to always be doing something that aligns with her values and makes her family proud. We sure hope Causely makes her dreams come true.

JAMIE ZIMMER // Operations

Jamie graduated from University of Missouri with Hospitality Management degree for Event Planning. Since then she’s been busting her butt working internships with a marketing software company and a not-for profit organization. At Causely, she gets to combine her love of marketing and charity by working in our Operations Department. She helps make sure our products get out the door, the office looks nice, and everyone’s birthdays get celebrated (among hundreds of other things). Basically, we can’t do anything without her. Her goal is for people to know Causely as not just a way to market for a company, but an amazing way to help others in need.


Jeff Presley is our resident cyclist. He built the first cycling desk prototype but he kept riding into things in the office. Before joining Causely Jeff worked on staff at a church for 10 years hanging out with college students as the Culture Director. And he brought his laid back, chill attitude to our Causely team in order to walk new customers through the sign-up process and show them how awesome it is to work with Causely. Jeff’s dream is to reach the end of his life and know that he’s lived to the fullest and always took the path to a better life story.



John is an ambitious man who loves a good challenge. If you ask him to go for a hike, you’ll end up hiking the entire 2,000+ mile Appalachian Trail. If you ask him to go for a run, he’ll sign you up for an Ironman. No challenge seems to be too tough for this guy. John is the CMO and Co-Founder of Causely where he’s helping turn Causely into the most charitable company in the world. When he’s not at the office, you’ll find him spending time with his loving wife and raising their three spirited daughters.


Jorge, a wandering programmer, has spent the last four years charting the chaotic wilderness that is the tech start-up culture. Currently he's found himself at Causely, where he works as a full-stack developer. His goal is to aid Causely in its quest to make the world a better place.


JEROMIE RUSSELL // Co-Founder, VP of Engineering

Jeromie, known as “Jro”, tinkered with computer programming since he was a small child. His love for programming never left and he’s been working in various software development roles for over 15 years now. As Co-Founder and VP of Engineering, Jro writes a lot of code. He’s also very talented and has a love for video editing, so the marketing team steals him away from time-to-time to create fancy videos. When he’s not busy writing code and video editing, he’s perfecting sarcasm on the Causely Slack channel. He spends his free time working out like a madman, reading Fantasy and Sci-Fi novels and hanging with his perfect family. Literally, they are perfect. Oh, and he might be one of Kentucky’s most committed fans. Ever. His dream is to get “the call” from University of Kentucky after Coach Cal retires from the winningest program in men’s NCAA basketball history. His words, not ours.



Juno is the whiz kid. He practically entered this world writing code. He didn’t ask for bottles, but rather computer keyboards. So, naturally he built his career in developing mainstream video games for PCs and gaming consoles. As Causely’s CTO, he’s currently driving the technology efforts here. He’s helped build our all-star Tech Team by first crushing their souls in multi-player games and then asking them to come join the company… talk about an interview process. No pressure. You’d never guess it, but he grew up in a small town in Alabama. He now resides in the Bay Area with his beautiful (and new) wife. Together, they will take over the world, like Bonnie and Clyde. Juno believes that because he has the opportunity to make a positive impact in the world, he has the responsibility to do so. Lucky for us, he chose to pursue this responsibility by joining our team.


Every morning, Kyle wakes up. Goes to his mirror. And perfects his hair. Then he gets busy writing code for Causely. Kyle came to us after working as an accountant for a small business. Thankfully, he preferred checking our masterful codes and secrets for bugs (not real ones) and potential internet disasters. Basically, he’s the kid who figured out all the cheats on your nintendo. Kyle is working on building his confidence and figuring out what his passion is. He’s pretty sure there isn’t a better way to do that than improving the lives of others first!



Since Lincoln was a young boy, he’s had a heart larger than the size of his home state of Kentucky. As a young man, he was invited to participate in a mission trip to one of the poorest villages in the poorest country in the Western hemisphere—Haiti. This trip changed his life forever. After the 2010 earthquake, this serial entrepreneur was so distraught by the widespread disaster that he committed his life to building companies where his businesses would sustainably support causes and charities worldwide. Fast forward a couple of years and he founded Causely. Not only does Lincoln want to change the way that people think about giving to charity, but his goal for Causely is to become the most philanthropic for-profit company in the world.


MATT SHARP // Co-Founder, President

Before his life at Causely, “Sharp”, was a police detective for 10 years. Let’s just say we were probably more nervous going into the interview process than he was. Sharp fell in love with both entrepreneurship and helping others so he started building businesses and never looked back. Today, he is Co-Founder and President of Causely as well as a multi-location gym owner. When he is not doing whatever it is that Presidents do, you’ll find him zipping around the office, posing as “budget drone” or squawking like a monkey and possibly throwing bananas at people. His goal has always been to make an impact and have a positive influence on the lives of others. He recently launched The Drive 100 blog where he’s connecting 100 of the most driven people he knows in a meaningful way.

MATT WATSON // Support

Matt, lovingly known as “Watson” (spoken in a Sherlock Holmes voice, of course), is a quiet, adventurous guy who has spent time riding lawn mowers, working for a district attorney, living in Benin, West Africa, and playing baseball. He’s a running guru turned Crossfit junkie. Watson is a natural fit for lovin’ on our customers as Causely’s Customer Success Coach and assisting with anything they may need. Plus, he helps with billing/logistics. Cause he can. In the meantime, he’s still waiting for an MLB team to call him.


We think Melissa secretly drinks Canadian maple syrup instead of coffee, which is fine with us. Since meeting her, we started adding maple syrup to our own coffee. She came to Causely all the way from Canada and we hope her Visa never expires. Melissa has spent the last 10 years working with non-profits and has learned that relationships are king. And it shows. She values innovation, loves to cuddle puppies and is married to one heck of a designer (the color-blind one). As Causely’s director of non-profit relations, Melissa manages relationships with our world class non-profit partners. One day, she hopes to finish an Ironman, cuddle all the dogs in the world, and acquire the power of flight. We’re already working on a Causely airplane to help her out with that last one.

SARAH WERNER // Marketing

Sarah came to the Causely team straight from her 900 sq.ft. cabin in the woods (complete with giant spiders, opossums, pesky squirrels and woodpeckers). When she wasn’t tramping through the forest, she worked in marketing and fundraising for a non-profit for four years while pursuing photography on the side. Now she writes for Causely as our Brand Storyteller. In her spare time she enjoys time with her two nephews and niece, reading under trees, and drinkin’ beers with friends. Her dreams are to write at least one novel and a couple children’s books, build her own house, and to hike the AT. Her ultimate goal in life is to be exactly who she was created to be.


TJ grew up a fast speaking New Englander but found his true home farther South after attending the University of Georgia. He loves to travel and spent three months exploring the Southern Island of New Zealand and Australia. We really only hired him so we could live vicariously through his adventures (kidding!). Thankfully he’s sticking around long to enough to be apart of our Sales Team. His goal for Causely is to have over 100 deserving non-profit partners, all of which can make an influential difference in the world.

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